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Get Outside: A Guide to Hiking Trails in London

Get Outside A Guide to Hiking Trails In London, Ontario At CLC Tree Services, we encourage people to get outside all the time. Spending time in nature is shown to decrease stress, improve mood, strengthen concentration, boost your immune system, up your creativity, and maybe even save your life! Well, lengthen it at any rate,… Read more »

Give Back in 2017: Be a Green Volunteer

As 2016 winds to a close, a new year looms on the horizon. Many think to New Year’s resolutions and how they can make 2017 a better year. While some might dream of losing weight, quitting smoking, or giving up some other bad habit, we prefer to adding something positive to the new year. One… Read more »

2011- International Year of Forests

Did you know that 2011 was declared the International Year of the Forests by the United Nations? There are 1.6 billion people that rely on the forests that cover a third of the Earth’s land mass. While forests are responsible for controlling climate change and supporting the rivers that provide water for 50% of the… Read more »