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Celebrate the Trees in the Forest City

Did you vote in Reforest London’s Amazing Tree Quest? The contest is now closed, but the winners remain to be seen. Have you checked out any of the magnificent trees that were entered into the competition? If you haven’t yet you should, because some of them are quite amazing! From fan favourites, to historic heroes,… Read more »

Summer Days that Lead to Fall

Can you believe that it is August already? Wow, the summer is just flying along. It has been a beautiful season though. We have been busy trimming trees, administering ash injections, installing a few lights in people’s yards and much, much more. Oh, plus enjoying the sunshine when we can too! Before you know it… Read more »

London’s Amazing Tree Quest

We wanted to share something with you today; London’s Amazing Tree Quest! Reforest London is running this amazing contest for the second year in a row. And because we love trees, we just had to share. “The Amazing Tree Quest is a city-wide contest to celebrate the important role that trees play in our lives…. Read more »

TIME FOR A DRINK: The Forest City’s Trees are Thirsty

It is now official. As of Wednesday July 13th, the City of London declared a tree watering alert. According to yesterday’s article in the  London Free Press, London has had only 4.7 mm of rain so far in July. Compare that to our wet spring where we saw 127 mm of rain in May (average… Read more »

Dealing with borer costly | London | News | London Free Press

Our very own Calvin McCallum got to weigh in on the Emerald Ash Borer plight this week, when he spoke with Mashoka Maimona, of the London Free Press. Today’s Free Press article Dealing with borer costly | London | News | London Free Press, dug deeper into the devastating reality of what the effects from the emerald ash… Read more »

Loss of ash trees will alter streetscapes | London | News | London Free Press

Hundreds of thousands of London trees may be doomed by the emerald ash borer, an infestation that’s long been bad and only getting worse. Days after a public campaign was launched to plant one million new trees in London over the next decade, politicians were told Tuesday the pest could ultimately kill 90% of London’s… Read more »

Storm Cleanup

Whew, it is a hot one out there today! So hot in fact, that there has been a heat alert issued for the London-Middlesex region. And while it is a welcome thing to have some sunshine, over all the rain that has fallen this spring, it is hard to adjust to the 40C weather that… Read more »