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Christmas Decor London

I know that the hoarfrost is not covering the proverbial pumpkin just yet, but in my line of work, I have to think ahead. There is a nip in the air and the wind blows cold from the North most mornings. I am in mind of the coming season. You know the one. Jack Frost… Read more »

Coniferous Trees of Ontario

Trees. The folks of CLC Tree Services love them. All kinds! And while we generally focus on deciduous trees, we have a liking for coniferous trees too. For those of you with a blank expression on your face, are you wondering what the difference is? Here are some definitions from the Free Dictionary to help… Read more »

Winter Hibernation? Not for CLC!

While winter is a time of dormancy or hibernation for most creatures great and small, the men of CLC Tree Services still manage to keep pretty darn active. At this time of year, you will see the gang heading back out to collect all of the Christmas Decor that we so lovingly hung a month… Read more »

2011: The Year That Was (In Trees)

Hard to believe that 2011 is winding to a close. Christmas is behind us and so is a heck of a year. So many people are reflective this time of year and we are not immune to that ourselves at CLC. Today, we are going to look back at the year that was, from CLC’s… Read more »

Merry Christmas from CLC

Merry Christmas from all of us at CLC Tree Services to all of you lovely fans and followers. May your Christmas be happy and bright. While it might not be white, this year its our favourite colour – GREEN! Peace from and of course, our Christmas Decor specialist plus the rest of the crew at CLC… Read more »

A Spirit Tree Makes Christmas Bright

Are you in the Christmas spirit yet? No, well take a look at this Christmas spirit tree and tell me it doesn’t make you smile just a little bit. It is powered by Christmas cheer and that is enough to make anyone smile. This spirit tree was set up in Union Station with the help… Read more »

The Perfect Present

The Perfect Present With 10 days to go Til Santa arrives Has your oomph gotten low And shopping will needing revival? I’m sure the hall is decked with mistletoe and holly, but has the list been rechecked? Do you still need presents for Great-Aunt Dolly? She hated last year’s mitts and couldn’t stand the sweater!… Read more »

Christmas Greenery

Have you noticed that the holidays are filled with greenery? There is the Christmas tree of course, but traditionally mistletoe is hung about and evergreen boughs often decorate the house both inside and out. It is all very beautiful, but have you ever thought about when or why these bits of nature stepped into Christmas… Read more »

The Question of Christmas Trees: Real vs Fake

It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas… Did you see the snow this morning? Hoo boy, Christmas is coming! And I’m of the mind to start decorating the inside of the house too. You know there will be pine cones, cedar rope and evergreen boughs scattered around the house, but the Pièce de résistance is of… Read more »

All About Colour

We at CLC Tree Services have put down our chainsaws and temporarily tucked the chipper into the garage for a bit. No, we are far from packing it in. In fact, we have unpacked our Christmas lights instead! Tis the season to decorate and we are in full swing hanging lights, garlands, wreathes and more for… Read more »