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Spring Trees in the City

The weather has finally turned in London, Ontario; sunshine, mild breezes and double digits! You have to get outside! Birds are chirping, grass is finally growing and area trees are bursting out of hibernation to announce that spring has arrived. Go already! Do you need more of a reason? How about we entice you with… Read more »

Open Leaves

tightly curled into a bud lingering, waiting, until it should could need raindrops should need sun would need warmth to help open a little bud an unformed leaf next year’s growth inside the sheath when will it open its hard to say this month or next? Why, its unfurled today! Welcome little leaf we’ve waited so… Read more »

Hey Bud, Is That a Sign of Spring?

Looking around London, Ontario you don’t see many signs of spring. There are mountains of snow in parking lots, not to mention beside driveways galore. The weather forecast suggests that it’ll be mid-April before we see any consistently spring-like weather. I say, Phooey! The sunshine that we have seen this week has helped many winter-beaten… Read more »

Tree Pruning in Winter

The gang at CLC Tree Services has been busy all winter. And we aren’t done with the tree surgeon work yet! Our services this past winter weren’t as a result of heavy snowfalls (like last winter) or ravaging ice storms. Those kinds of storms can damage branches or large limbs, and sometimes even knock down whole trees…. Read more »