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25 Fascinating Facts About CLC

I bet there is a thing or two that you didn’t know about CLC Tree Services. Care to test your knowledge? See if you know these facts about CLC! 25 FACTS YOU MIGHT NOT HAVE KNOWN ABOUT CLC CLC Tree Services is celebrating 25 years of caring for the Forest City this year. The letters… Read more »

Are Your Christmas Lights Up Yet?

Has your Christmas spirit been sparked yet? Santa Claus arrived in London, Ontario last weekend and with his parade, the spirit of Christmas took flight around the city. The malls are rocking seasonal songs already and sparkling lights are lit up around town. Do you know why? There are only 40 days til Christmas! That’s… Read more »

5 Facts About Fir Trees

With Christmas only two months away, I thought I would get in the spirit with a few facts on one of my favourite Christmas trees – The Fir Tree! Five Favourite Facts About Firs 1. Fir Trees fall under the Abies Genus. There are about 50 species in the subsequent Pinaceae family. Note that the Douglas Fir… Read more »

Christmas Decor London

I know that the hoarfrost is not covering the proverbial pumpkin just yet, but in my line of work, I have to think ahead. There is a nip in the air and the wind blows cold from the North most mornings. I am in mind of the coming season. You know the one. Jack Frost… Read more »

Winter Hibernation? Not for CLC!

While winter is a time of dormancy or hibernation for most creatures great and small, the men of CLC Tree Services still manage to keep pretty darn active. At this time of year, you will see the gang heading back out to collect all of the Christmas Decor that we so lovingly hung a month… Read more »

All About Colour

We at CLC Tree Services have put down our chainsaws and temporarily tucked the chipper into the garage for a bit. No, we are far from packing it in. In fact, we have unpacked our Christmas lights instead! Tis the season to decorate and we are in full swing hanging lights, garlands, wreathes and more for… Read more »

Deck The Halls With CLC

Hark the Herald Angels Sing… Place an angel delicately on top of the tree. Perfect! Fa-la-la-la-la-laa, la-la-la-laaa… Deck the halls with sprigs of holly (and fir boughs from the last tree we trimmed). ~~~ Yup, it’s time! We are getting into the Christmas spirit. There are only 44 days til Christmas and CLC is starting… Read more »

Untangling your Christmas Lights with CLC

Halloween is now officially past and November has made its entrance. Do you know what that means? Yup, Christmas music in the malls! It is now 52 days, and counting, til Christmas. Can you tell that we’re excited?! I have to admit that I am a sucker for a pretty tree all decorated for the… Read more »

Light Up My Life

We want to light up your life this coming holiday season. Did you know that CLC also does Christmas Decor? Give us a call so that we can help illuminate your world this Christmas. Christmas is 78 days away and counting!   You Light Up My Life* So many nights I sit by my window… Read more »

Christmas in July

Whew, it certainly is hot out there! With summer heat in full-force, we are drinking plenty of water out on the trucks this week. Would you care for another way to beat the heat? How about taking a gander at some of our Christmas displays to cool you down a touch. Winter storms might be… Read more »