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From the Mouths of Babes…

Do you like trees? Of course you do! You might know the technical benefits of trees, but there is so much more to them┬áthan the dry, educational facts we read. We have all been exposed to┬átrees since we were little. Our personal connections with them become a part of who we are. The sight of… Read more »

Hemlock: A Logical Choice

Socrates was a pretty smart guy. A philosopher from Ancient Greece, he is credited with advancing theories in Western Philosophies surrounding ethics, logic and epistemology. While his student Plato helped to make his words and thoughts famous after his death, one aspect of his life is well-known. After disagreeing with the State, as his punishment,… Read more »

For the Love of Trees

Valentine’s Day is a day for love. One of the ways in which we express love is via the sharing of words, especially poems. Right up my alley! As our biggest love at CLC Tree Services is with trees, what better way to express our appreciation and love of them, than by a few poems… Read more »