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Open Leaves

tightly curled into a bud lingering, waiting, until it should could need raindrops should need sun would need warmth to help open a little bud an unformed leaf next year’s growth inside the sheath when will it open its hard to say this month or next? Why, its unfurled today! Welcome little leaf we’ve waited so… Read more »

Sign of Spring: The Spring Home and Garden Show!

“April showers bring May flowers… “ Well, the first hope is that April showers will melt some of the stubborn snow that still lingers in London, Ontario. What a winter we’ve had! April is a very welcome guest and the folks at CLC Tree Services welcome it with open arms. Much as it would be… Read more »

Countdown to Spring

The 2014 Spring Equinox falls on Thursday, March 20th. On that day, day and night are of equal length and in the Northern Hemisphere, days will continue to get longer until the Summer Solstice in June. Three cheers for spring after such a harsh winter! The first day of Spring is an exciting time with… Read more »

Hey Bud, Is That a Sign of Spring?

Looking around London, Ontario you don’t see many signs of spring. There are mountains of snow in parking lots, not to mention beside driveways galore. The weather forecast suggests that it’ll be mid-April before we see any consistently spring-like weather. I say, Phooey! The sunshine that we have seen this week has helped many winter-beaten… Read more »