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    Christmas Decor: Design Today for Wow! All Season Long

    8 weeks There are eight weeks til Christmas. That may seem like an awfully long time to you, but you’d be surprised how quickly time flies. Especially when you calculate in all the planning required for holiday magic. While some people complain that Christmas preparations start too early, it takes time to organize and implement… Read more »

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    Mission Trip to Paraguay: Curt Needs Your Help

    A few years ago Curt McCallum discovered the Forest City Community Church. No stranger to church as a youth, life had a way of interfering and his attendance lapsed over the years. The older he got though, the more Curt questioned his faith and made the choice to return to church. Part of his faith… Read more »

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    Watering Trees in the Fall

    Rain; too much and we worry about flooding, too little and we worry about drought. But do we need to worry about how much rain falls in the Autumn? Trees are losing leaves and going dormant, aren’t they? Plus, snow is on the way, whether we like it or not. So should we worry about watering… Read more »