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  • tree stump removal

    How do professionals remove tree stumps?

    When a tree is cut down, its stump remains rooted in the ground, often becoming unsightly and cumbersome in your landscape. Removing these stumps enhances the aesthetics of your property and eliminates safety hazards and potential pest problems. While DIY methods are available, the complexities and risks make professional stump removal a wise choice. The… Read more »

  • tree cabling and bracing

    What is Tree Cabling and Bracing Techniques?

    Tree cabling and bracing are cornerstone practices in modern arboriculture, designed to support and protect trees from the forces of nature and the wear of time. These techniques are not just about applying hardware; they require a deep understanding of tree biology and mechanics, making professional help not just an option but a necessity for… Read more »

  • legal tree removal

    Do You Need a Permit to Cut Down a Tree in Ontario?

    Trees enhance our landscapes, offering beauty, shade, and vital support to local ecosystems. However, when removing a tree, property owners face a complex set of regulations. Understanding the need for a permit to cut down a tree in Ontario is crucial. CLC Tree Services stands ready to navigate you through the process, ensuring legal compliance… Read more »