10 Ways to Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Did you miss the Christmas tree recycling depot? Are you wondering what to do with the evergreen now sitting in your yard, looking forlorn minus its festive Christmas decor? Don’t despair, as there are plenty of things you can do with your old Christmas tree. Think green and recycle it!

Christmas Tree Recycling

  1. Christmas trees makes for good firewood

    Christmas trees makes for good firewood

    Burn it! – Real Christmas trees make for good firewood. After the ornaments, lights and tinsel are removed, use the branches and needles for fire starter. Cut the trunk into logs to be used to stoke the fire, once the wood is dry.

  2. Give it to the birds – Cut trees make for a great shelter for birds and other small animals looking to escape the chill of winter. Prop it in the corner of your yard and get your camera ready to snap some amazing avian shots.
  3. Mulch it – Many municipalities collect Christmas trees to turn into mulch for the city. Do your part to find a green solution.
  4. Use it for erosion control – There are some municipalities which collect Christmas trees to help stabilize lakes and riverbanks. Fish like to hide from prey in their branches too.
  5. Decorate outdoor planters and urns – Cut off some of the evergreen boughs to add to your outdoor decor. Winter landscapes can be dreary at the best of times, so spruce up your planters til spring arrives.
  6. Wreath made from Christmas tree slabs

    Design a wreath – Those wooden slabs can be used to fashion a new wreath for your front door. Rustic chic at its finest.

  7. Make coasters – Cut the trunk into slabs. Voila, Coasters! If you want to get fancy, wood burn an image onto them, paint them, or just shellac them as is.
  8. Carve candle holders – Whether you carve out multiple appropriate size holes on a log for tea lights or candle sticks, or fashion individual candle stick holders, your Christmas tree needn’t die in vain.
  9. Pathway made from slabs of wood

    Lay a path – Wood slabs can also be used to make a path through your garden. Collect your neighbour’s tree too and lay a path to their door!

  10. Create art – Whether the slight bend in the tree’s trunk reminds you of a sailboat or a bump is reminiscent of the toad who resides in your yard, why not try your hand at woodcarving and create a piece of art from your old Christmas tree.


For those of you who had a real Christmas tree this year, what did YOU do with your old Christmas tree?


Tree Lover

Amazing thoughts! Creativity at its best. Love the idea of recycling trees and putting them to use. It brings out the true spirit of favoritism towards the environment. It is also a must to make sure the tree is devoid of any infections before we put them to use. It is the best way to keep other trees and plants safe. Great ideas!

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January 13, 2016 2:32 pm