2015 – A Year in Review

Now how did that happen? The calendar has run out of pages and dates, and 2015 is at an end. Where does the time go? Out the back of our chipper I guess. A better question is what did we do this past year. On reflection, it was a pretty good year for Curt and Anna Marie and the crew of CLC Tree Services and Christmas Decor London though. So let’s share a little bit of what 2015 held;

2015 – The Year in Review

5 Facts About Fir Trees

Fir trees must have been a popular search in 2015 to keep ‘5 Facts About Fir Trees’ a number one post

News from the blogging world is a good place to start. According to WordPress, the CLC Tree Services Blog was viewed almost 14,000 times. Kind of makes us feel like rock stars at a sold out show! One of the interesting things about all those views is that some of our most popular blog posts weren’t even written last year. The number one viewed post was written in 2012. Now that has staying power! Perhaps we’ll have to revisit the topic again in 2016…

Outside of the blogging world, life was busy. 2015 came in with freezing temperatures and cold weather alerts that seemed to last til the end of February. We hunkered down, but managed to get the Christmas Decor London decor items put away before people could claim they were celebrating Christmas in July.

By April, the worst of winter was over, so we shook off the doldrums by being part of the 39th Annual Spring Home and Garden Show in London, Ontario. It is always a popular show and Curt and Anna Marie were on hand to answer any tree services related questions, plus book new services for anyone interested. Be sure to come visit us at the 40th show next year!

The CLC Tree Services crew attended the London Arborist Day in May with aerial rescue training

The CLC Tree Services crew attended the London Arborist Day in May which featured aerial rescue training

In May the crew was due for training, so drove out to Talbotville for some aerial rescue training put on by Vermeer Canada. The guys spent the day learning tips and tricks to help out in emergency situations when an injured worker needs to be brought down out of a tree. You never want to have to do it, but being prepared in an emergency is key to survival.

Life continued busy for the crew as summer took hold, but Curt and Anna Marie made a trip out to Washington, DC for the annual Christmas Decor conference. It is always a great venue for new design ideas, plus the McCallums got a chance to take in some sightseeing in the nation’s capital.

The trip helped to inspire some changes for Christmas Decor London as well and come the end of September our new website was launched. Replete with new pictures, graphics and easy order forms, we like to think it’s got a new punch you can’t resist. Go check it out and tell us what you think!

2015 OCAA Day of Service

The Girl Guide camp committee and arborists under the OCAA banner to commemorate the 2015  Day of Service

Time doesn’t stop for fanfares though. Calvin shook up timing and slated the annual OCAA Day of Service into October this year at the Girl Guides of Canada’s Camp Orenda. Lines were cleared, trees were trimmed and some felled, and a sense of camaraderie filled the air as the crews celebrated no rain on another great day of service for a group in need.

Shortly thereafter the Better Business Bureau held their annual Business Integrity Awards. This year’s guest speakers were none other than local skating sensations, Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue. After videos were watched (with some cameos by Curt!), awards were handed out, and inspirational words were offered by Tessa and Scott, everyone at the CLC table went backstage to meet them in person. And they were just as delightful in person.

By that point, Christmas planning was well under way. Anna Marie was busy with estimates and plans, while the crews balanced tree work with Christmas Decor installations. It is a busy time of year, but now we sit back and breathe for a beat before the New Year begins. Shortly the crews will be packing away our clients’ Christmas Decor items for another season, but today we still make sure they twinkle bright in anticipation of New Year’s.

And on that note, we wish goodbye to 2015 and prepare to welcome 2016 with open arms. May the New Year bring you much cheer, good fortune and well wishes. See you in 2016!

New Year Greeting