5 Reasons to Plant a Tree Today

Oak Tree Seedling

Plant a tree today!


  1. Food – Trees provide food for insects, birds, animals and people! Everything from the flowers, fruit, nuts, bark, leaves and even the roots; they all offer nutrition to different creatures at different times. We couldn’t live without them!
  2. Mood – Studies have proven that spending time near trees helps to boost our mood. They help us relax, reduce stress, increase energy, lower blood pressure, speed up recovery time after illness, surgery, and/or hospital stays, increase focus, improve sleep, and so much more.
  3. Privacy – Neighbours are great, but sometimes you just need a little privacy; whether it be for your late night skinny dips, so no one sees your knickers on the laundry line, or so that you can finish that book you are tearing through in peace—a big leafy tree gives you the privacy you seek and security you desire. And as an extra perk, they increase your property value!
  4. Ecology – Trees provide oxygen, clean the air, act as carbon sinks, filter water, improve soil erosion, reduce noise pollution, serve as a windbreak, save energy by shading buildings to reduce energy costs, and they even reduce glare created by urban buildings and asphalt.
  5. Nature – Aside from all of these other factors, trees are good for nature. They attract birds, who use them for food, shelter, and perches. They are home to plenty of insects, which are an integral part of the food chain. Other animals use them for homes, food sources, protection from other animals and temporary resting spots, like deer, squirrels, raccoons and many more.

Trees are beautiful in so many ways. Whether you find value in them aesthetically, monetarily, ecologically, or emotionally, trees are a necessary part of our world. We can always use a few more, so why not plant one today. And don’t forget to get it counted for London, Ontario’s Million Tree Challenge. Every tree counts.


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June 4, 2015 3:48 pm