A Story From the Road

Trees. We at CLC Tree Services respect and love them, but sometimes they need to go. Whether it be disease, crowding or even the death of one, when a tree’s lifespan has come to an end, CLC Tree Services is there to help. While our preferences are to fertilize, prune and promote the health of trees, we are often called upon to remove trees entirely.

That was the case for David recently.

David contacted CLC and received a visit from our very own Calvin a few days later. David had a tree that needed to come down, but was located in a very tight spot, between two houses. Fearing damage to one of the homes or surrounding property, David voiced his concerns to Calvin, but with a confidence born by experience, those concerns were erased. The job could be done. The tree could come down safely and CLC was up to the task at hand. All that was needed would be a crane.

Once a date was set, things progressed smoothly. David was contacted before the date and reassured that everything was ready to proceed. On the day of the removal, the crew showed up ready to attend to the job of the day. With safety gear on, a crew member climbed into the tree and proceeded to remove some of the higher limbs.

As the branches made their way to the ground via safety wires, other crew members collected the limbs, trimmed them as necessary and threw them into the awaiting chipper, constantly cleaning as they went. David was impressed by the efficiency of the crew and made a point to mention it. The safety of the crew, buildings and surrounding area were kept constantly in mind and hazards were eliminated instantly.

While the men made it look easy, a growing number of onlookers proved evidence enough that the task at hand was a significant one. David joked that stadium seating should have been arranged beforehand, but making sure that people stayed clear of the area was the biggest factor in safety that day.

With the trunk section finally removed, the job was almost at an end. The last of the branches were chipped. The area was swept again and all that was left was a hole in the yard where the tree formerly stood. No property was damaged. No people were hurt. More importantly though, the home owner was happy to see a problem tree removed, despite his initial doubts that the job could be handled with ease. On this day, no problem at all!

We want to thank David for sharing his story with us today. The crew at CLC Tree Services appreciates the faith that was put in us. We aim to do a job to the best of our ability and leave the customer happy that they called us to take care of their trees. There is always another tree to attend to in the Forest City though. This is just one their stories.

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April 18, 2012 4:36 pm