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We at CLC Tree Services have put down our chainsaws and temporarily tucked the chipper into the garage for a bit. No, we are far from packing it in. In fact, we have unpacked our Christmas lights instead! Tis the season to decorate and we are in full swing hanging lights, garlands, wreathes and more for our Christmas Decor business. We thought you might be wondering what is new and exciting in Christmas lighting this year, so figured to share with you today.

You can never go wrong with tradition and far be it for us to change that! Red, green, blue, amber and two shades of white LED lights glow brightly from our Christmas displays this year. If you had red last year, why not change up to blue this year? Is our lack of snow making you think of a green Christmas? We can work with that. Ah, but don’t we all love a little gold around the edges!

Speaking of edges, that is but one place where we can hang lights for you. We haven’t retired the boom truck for the season just yet, so if you would like lights on the peak of your house, we can do that. Other areas to consider lighting are along your roof line or fascia. If you have a path that would benefit from a little light, that isn’t a problem either. Bushes, shrubs and trees all light up the night in a beautiful way as well.

We realize that you want your home to feel festive both night and day though, so that is why our Christmas Decor line includes garlands, window wreathes, bows and sprays. Lights are beautiful at night, but we work with you to design a whole Christmas package for your home to enjoy day and night. So when we come out to meet with you, we discuss all potential options for trees, bushes, peak, roof, pathways, as well as daytime decor. We write up a proposal for you, then present it for your approval, before spreading our Christmas cheer. Don’t forget that we also come back to take it all down for you after the holidays, as well as store it until next year!

Ah, but I haven’t shared our newest product on offer. The newest thing in Christmas Decor  from CLC is the galaxy light. The Galaxy light is a modular light that truly dazzles. It is a pretty impressive light feature as well, if I do say so myself. This fabulous light trains a laser onto a refractor, which then shoots millions of spots of light everywhere! Don’t worry about bothering the neighbours, as we make sure to direct the beams of light in appropriate directions. It makes a stunning addition to your light show though and well worth considering.

So if you are still in need of adding a little Christmas Decor to your home or business, why not give us a call? Don would be happy to work with you to make this Christmas season be your brightest one ever.


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November 25, 2011 9:00 am