All-Season Tree Services: Help Share Our Story

winter tree service workTwenty centimeters of snow fell on London, Ontario this past Sunday; the most snow we have seen yet this winter. Even more has fallen since then. The Forest City looks like a winter wonderland. All that snow has begot huge snow piles beside driveways, not to mention the precious real estate lost in business parking lots. We hate to admit that it also makes it a little harder to get close to any potential trees we want to work on.

But not impossible.

While you might not think about tree services in winter, it isn’t a bad time to consider it. There are no leaves to block our view of what needs to be cut, less mess to clean up, your trees are mostly dormant, therefore aren’t weakened by loss of sap or attack by insects, plus the heavy equipment that is sometimes necessary in tree work causes less damage on surrounding (frozen) landscape. All pluses. And typically tree services companies are less busy in the winter months, so there is less wait time for estimates and the subsequent work to get scheduled.

That holds true for CLC Tree Services, but we aren’t entirely closed for the season. While phone calls haven’t been overwhelming this winter, the office isn’t entirely quiet.

“Yesterday the phone didn’t exactly ring off the hook,” Curt McCallum says, “but we got several emails from people looking for services. I’ve got an appointment to go to this afternoon for an estimate from one of those emails.”

And the telling part he added was that “they found us via the net.”

While many tree services companies still rely on word-of-mouth or a listing in the Yellow Pages, CLC Tree Services recognized that the web held huge potential for marketing a few years ago. As the Yellow Pages announced this week that they will begin to phase out delivery of their signature big yellow directories, CLC is grateful they took the leap when they did. While you will still be able to request a hard copy of the directory, it won’t necessarily be landing on your doorstep for much longer. And that means businesses who rely on their listings in the massive tomes will have to enter the digital revolution whether they like it or not. The world is going digital.

Today, Curt estimates that at least 25% of their business comes from the internet. CLC Tree Services has this blog, a website, Facebook Page, Twitter account, and Curt also has a profile on LinkedIn. Not to mention the videos uploaded to Youtube. All of those sites create a social media presence that Curt is pretty happy with. If you google ‘Tree Services & London’, you will find CLC Tree Services near the top of the list. That is advertising that pays, especially in a slower mid-winter market.

So if you are searching for a tree services company in London or surrounding area, you can find CLC Tree Services just about anywhere (including on the BBB of Western Ontario website). We work Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall! And if you have had tree work performed by our company, please feel free to share your experiences with others via Facebook, Twitter or whatever other social media sites you roam. Or beyond for that matter. Because as much as we acknowledge that advertising is a necessary part of business, we know that good word-of-mouth is the most valuable asset of all. And we always strive to do our best.

So please, share the good word!

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February 5, 2015 9:08 am