An End to Winter?

January is almost over. Thank God I hear North Americans breathe. This has been one of the coldest January’s in many people’s memories. A Polar Vortex rang in the year, followed by plenty of wind chill warnings, cold weather alerts, flurries, and other fun winter weather. You should expect it in Canada, but the mild winter we had last year apparently made people complacent.

Winter storm

More snow is on the way…

Well, not to be a downer, but February isn’t brewing up to be any less wintry so far. We should see some snow this evening in London, Ontario and the weather forecasters are warning of another major winter storm that could bring upwards of 20 cm of snow to our area. Don’t even think about unwrapping any of the trees you wrapped up last fall for a while to come!

Wiarton Willie

Hopes are pinned to Wiarton Willie for an end to this bitterly cold winter

Of course Sunday is Groundhog Day.  That is the day that several furry little rodents around North America get dragged out of their warm burrows to predict how far off spring might potentially be. Is winter over? Do we need to brace for another 6 weeks of freezing our butts off? Wiarton Willie will be sure to tell us, but in the interim perhaps we shouldn’t put our touques away too soon.

Maybe you should content yourself with browsing through seed catalogues and beginning to plan your garden for this spring. Here’s an idea! Why not write the London Spring Home & Garden Show on your calendar. It runs April 11-13, 2014 this year. And regardless of what we might fear, Spring is just around the corner.


Spring is right around the corner!

Spring is around the corner!

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January 30, 2014 1:40 pm