Are Your Christmas Lights Up Yet?

Has your Christmas spirit been sparked yet? Santa Claus arrived in London, Ontario last weekend and with his parade, the spirit of Christmas took flight around the city. The malls are rocking seasonal songs already and sparkling lights are lit up around town. Do you know why?

There are only 40 days til Christmas!

That’s right folks, the countdown is on and Christmas Decor London has been busy stringing LED lights, garlands and other Christmas decorations up all over London. It is the fourth year that CLC Tree Services has been in the Christmas Decor business and we are busier than ever! Businesses and individual homeowners are beginning to realize that our holiday decor services are convenient, customized, and most importantly, stunning! Considering it was a natural extension of our tree care business, it would seem that Londoners have noticed and agreed. No longer is this our slowest time of year, with layoffs being the norm. Now we have two teams running both ends of the business; in tree care and in Christmas Decor! Bring on another string of lights!

If you are wondering how it is that Christmas Decor is a natural extension for CLC Tree Services, then think about how your outdoor decorating usually takes place. Remember that ladder and the trip to the top of it to hang lights along the peak of your eaves troughs? Our trained professionals have access to the very same bucket trucks that we use to take us up into tree tops. It is a far cry safer, plus it allows us to be meticulous in our placement of your holiday lights. Plus, we come back to remove your displays regardless of the cold (that leaves some folks with their displays up til the Spring!).

We also keep in mind that part of the magic of Christmas is in the seamlessness of your display. Extension cords might be part of the package, but who wants to trip on all those twisting cords? London Christmas Decor understands this too, and we ensure that the wiring, hardware and cords are as neat, tidy and invisible as possible. Plus, once the holidays are over, we come back to collect all of our decor items as soon as is convenient for you and store it at our facilities.

Not a bad deal, plus one that you negotiate from year to year. There are no multi-year renewal contracts to sign and we certainly don’t make you stick to the same package from previous years, when you come back again. You see Christmas Decor London strives to offer you the utmost in services, so we know you’ll be back. And the choice of decor is always yours, so satisfaction is guaranteed.

So, have you decorated for Christmas yet? Do you need help with your exterior Christmas Decor? Contact us!

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November 14, 2012 5:26 pm