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Christmas Tree

A Festive Christmas Tree

I’m sure you realize that the CLC Tree Services blog is all about trees. We love them. We prune them, fertilize them, sadly have to cut some down, but we also get to plant trees too! The trees that dominate most conversations this time of year are the beautiful Christmas trees that symbolize all that Christmas is. Guess which kind of Christmas tree we have at home? Not an artificial one!

Beautifully decorated White Pine Christmas tree

While there are plenty of great coniferous trees to choose from in Ontario, not all of them are necessarily native to Southwestern Ontario. If you get your tree from a lot, you can pick just about anything (White Spruce, Scots Pine, Colorado Blue Spruce, Fraser Fir, etc.). Did you know that the White Pine is the only native tree that grows naturally in the London area though? Native trees tend to be hardier and easier to maintain than non-native species, so perhaps that might be the choice for your Christmas tree this year.

Live potted Christmas trees at Van Horik’s

In fact, here’s a thought. The most environmentally friendly idea for Christmas tree choice is to purchase a potted tree that you can later plant outside. Both Canadale Nursery and Van Horik’s Greenhouses and Garden Centre offer live potted trees to choose from. Perhaps this year you should consider buying a potted White Pine that you later transplant outdoors to enjoy all year long. You will have a native tree to decorate, surround with presents and love, then transfer into your yard to let the birds and other wildlife continue to enjoy. Doesn’t that sound perfect?! Definitely your best choice all around.

If I have convinced you to get a beautiful live potted Christmas tree this year, be sure to register your tree with the Million Tree Challenge after you plant it. Every tree counts towards our goal of 1 million trees planted in London, Ontario. What better time to stand up and be counted than at Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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December 18, 2013 1:42 pm