Big Trees

Big Trees

No offence sapling
your potential does abound
but big trees? They rule!

Home for a Momma Raccoon and her cubs

Home for a Mama Raccoon and her cubs

Yes, big trees do rule. They;

  • provide shade
  • provide nesting sites and perches for birds
  • provide homes for squirrels, insects and other small animals
  • are a source of food for deer, raccoons, chipmunks and birds


Felled tree

How much was lost when this tree was cut down?

When a big tree is lost, the effects are wide-spread. We lose;

  • the peace and serenity that comes with them
  • the reduction in air pollution
  • protection from wind, rain and sun
  • a measure of our property value in economic terms

So what can you do about that? If you have lost a big tree or just don’t happen to have one on your property, why not think about planting one. Not just any tree though. How about planting a BIG tree.

Obviously you can’t go about digging a 1,500 year-old Californian redwood into your backyard, but there are still plenty of options to look into. CLC Tree Services can help. This year at the London Spring Home and Garden Show we are going to be discussing the benefits of planting bigger trees; ie. 8′ tall trees. They offer instant shade and a measure of privacy, as well as a fast-track to some of the other many benefits of having a tree on your property. You can look forward to reduced soil erosion and potential water pollutants. Your new tree will reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, while producing oxygen for us to breathe. It will block unsightly views, add beauty to your landscape, and bring wildlife to your neighbourhood.

Are you ready to plant a tree yet? Come to the London Spring Home and Garden Show this weekend from April 11-13, 2014 at the Western Fair Agriplex. CLC Tree Services will be at booths #712-713 and we’ll be talking trees – Big trees. Join the conversation!

Tree Planting CLC will go!

Tree Planting CLC will go!

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