Christmas Cards

Tis the season for getting together with friends and family. It’s a time to give thanks for the year past, to celebrate the relationships and fortunes we have, and to toast the year to come. It is a warm and fuzzy time filled with good cheer, charity and an ounce or two of generosity.

The answer to what to do for friends and family who are further afield has traditionally been to send out Christmas cards. Is this tradition falling by the wayside though in our over-scheduled lives? Has the advent of e-cards and e-greetings taken the place of personalized flourishes and family photos tucked into quaint cards covered in snow scenes? In an era where we have constant contact via email, texting, social media updates and more, have we actually grown further apart?

There is time to rectify that.

Regardless of our busy lifestyles, most people still appreciate receiving personal mail. Christmas cards are even more welcome! We all know that days can get away from us, but that doesn’t mean that we still don’t care about far-flung friends. Keep them in the loop with a merry hello delivered to their door via a Christmas card!
Christmas Cards

Christmas Card 101

If you are going to send cards this year, take the time to make them personal. Here are a few tips to make your Christmas cards special for your recipients.

  • Write a personalized greeting and sign your Christmas cards, whether it be for friends, co-workers or the babysitter.
  • Save your family photos and letters for family and close friends.
  • Use a warm, professional tone for Christmas cards to business associates. Send them to the office versus the home address.
  • Christmas cards to co-workers should be mailed to the person’s home address. This eliminates hurt feelings to those not receiving cards and adds a more personal touch.
  • Include a return address so that the recipient knows where to find you to return the favour.
  • For those you associate with via social networking, or who are overseas and a traditional card won’t reach in time, e-cards are a good option.
  • Keep track of the Christmas cards you send out and the ones received. It is okay to reduce the number of cards you send. We all know money can get tight this time of year, and cards plus postage might be a stretch. If you haven’t received a card from someone for a few years, take them off your list. Perhaps those people can be added to your e-card list instead.

If this post has inspired you to send out your own Christmas cards this year, the only thing left to keep in mind is when you have to get them out by. Voila!

Canada Post Christmas Delivery Schedule

Holiday Cards Send as late as
Local Delivery December 19
Within Province December 18
Outside Province December 17
Holiday Packages Send as late as
Priority(Rush) December 23
Xpresspost™ (Fast) December 22
Regular Parcel™ (Most Economical) December 11

Merry Christmas!

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