Light Up Christmas All Season Long

The holidays are approaching fast and furious. Christmas is five weeks today. Long before Santa arrives though, there will be plenty of holiday celebrating to do. How many Christmas parties do you attend every year? I am sure there is more than one. I can count work, family, and neighbours alone. How many Christmas parties do you host though? What with all the work they entail, it can feel like one is more than enough.

Christmas Parties

Green ChristmasLet’s take a look at the Christmas party and what it involves. For starters, there is the planning. Your master list should include a guest list, invitations, food, drinks, decorations, gifts, and more. Depending upon the size of the party, these items range in price and scope. If you are planning a gathering of just a few couples, you might be able to keep a small budget, but there is still the task of decorating your home inside and out regardless.

Now if your Christmas party has a larger guest list, your tasks increase along with the expenses. You may have to hire a caterer. Tables or chairs might have to be rented. Your Christmas decor should maybe step it up a notch to match the rest of the affair. I can guarantee there is more stress involved, but hopefully there are more people to help out for your gathering.

How much does all of that cost? Plenty. That Christmas party takes up one day. Perhaps just a few hours one evening. It is a special affair to be sure, but the money spent is gone by the next day.

Christmas Decor for the Whole Christmas Season

Christmas Lights by CLCNow think about your Christmas decor. Many people turn on their Christmas lights in November. They add a warm and cheery glow to your home, which extends to any passersby. They are a part of any Christmas party that you may throw, but last far longer than the one night of a party. In fact, if you put up your exterior Christmas decorations now, you get to enjoy them for the next SIX weeks!

Christmas Decor London is not for everyone. We realize that. You might be the Clark Griswald of your street that glories in plastering your house with millions of lights, blow-up snow globes, and more. Or you might only put up a simple strand of lights along your bungalow’s eaves, requiring little time or stress. Heck, you might not even put up a wreath! shudder

Path, Peak, Bushes & Wreathes lit up for ChristmasBut there are also lots of busy people out there who want the look of a professional Christmas Decor package, without the time and effort it takes to install it. I am talking about professional people who have packed schedules and high expectations on what they want. You are the people who desire the perfect Christmas display for your Christmas parties. Christmas Decor London is the company for You!

You pick the package, however big or small you want it. We install, maintain, and take it down again at the end of the season. We save you time, effort, keep you safely off wobbly ladders, and do it all with a smile. Our services aren’t free, but when you compare them to what you might spend on a one-night party, they are more than worthwhile.

You can be the judge of that this year though. Call Christmas Decor London (519) 685-0220 today to discuss your exterior Christmas Decor installation. Anna-Marie is waiting for your call.

Merry Christmas!

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