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I know that the hoarfrost is not covering the proverbial pumpkin just yet, but in my line of work, I have to think ahead. There is a nip in the air and the wind blows cold from the North most mornings. I am in mind of the coming season. You know the one. Jack Frost nipping at your nose, chestnuts roasting on an open fire, and bells merrily jingling on horse-drawn sleighs. Ah, Christmastime is around the corner and you can’t be ready for it too soon in my books! To me, every day is Christmas Eve and I am carolling in the streets with rosy cheeks in front of brightly lit homes all done up for the holidays.

Christmas Decor at its Finest

Look at this beauty that we have stopped in front of. Is this your home? I bet you want it to be.

Not What Your Neighbours Want to See At Christmas

Or is this more along the lines of what you imagine Christmas to be? Can you even see the house? If you enlarge the photo, you might be able to see a corner of the home hidden among the gaudy inflatables that make a mockery of Christmas Decor. As the proud owner of Christmas Decor London, these outrageous displays leave a humbuggery taste in my mouth.

A must stop on the carolling trail

Now, how about something a little more subtle, but still festive for the season? Isn’t this more like it? If you are nodding your head yes, but haven’t got the foggiest idea of how to go about untangling the Christmas lights that are hidden in the basement, the solution is clear – Christmas Decor at the hands of the CLC crew!

No more icy ladders propped against the house on the coldest day of the year. No more fear of falling from the eavestroughs (a la Clark Griswold style). Don’t worry about finding that burnt out bulb, that is preventing the whole  string of lights to illuminate. Forget about trying to artfully arrange greenery into some semblance of a wreath. Leave it all to Christmas Decor London! We come to you, design a Christmas display to your specifications, install a beautiful Christmas display for both day and night decor (ie. wreaths, garlands, LED lights and more) and take it all down at the end of the season, storing it at our own facilities. No hassle, no fuss, only stunning seasonal decor that everyone on your block will be vying for.

O Christmas Tree, How Lovely Are Thy Branches

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start planning now. Call Christmas Decor London and we will sit down together to design this year’s Christmas Decor for you!

Only 68 days til Christmas!

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October 17, 2012 5:43 pm