Christmas Decor: Design Today for Wow! All Season Long

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There are eight weeks til Christmas. That may seem like an awfully long time to you, but you’d be surprised how quickly time flies. Especially when you calculate in all the planning required for holiday magic.

While some people complain that Christmas preparations start too early, it takes time to organize and implement a stunning display. At Christmas Decor London, our goal is to wow. Our design consultants take the time to meet with you personally to discuss your budget, the location, and any preferences for Christmas decor which you may have. Are you partial to purple? Does the wreath need to wow? Are there electrical outlets enough for the display you envision? We think of it all and aim to please clients with personalized Christmas Decor designs for your home or business.

It takes time to arrange a Christmas Decor package.

It takes time to arrange a Christmas Decor package and to schedule it for installation

Even though Halloween is only days away, Christmas has been on our minds for months! Many work Christmas parties happen in November and take time (weeks to months) to plan. If you want your Christmas lights flipped on for that party, schedule the consultation into your busy schedule early and leave time for installation. While our trained crew can handle the installation process, we only have so many bodies and hours in the day to work with. Santa hasn’t given us his secret to pressing pause on time and getting it all done in one night.

We work with many clients over the weeks leading up to Christmas and do our best to please you all. Christmas Decor London prides ourselves on making the process as easy as possible, but still needs time to make the magic happen. A phone call now, makes for a promptly scheduled personalized consultation.

White Oaks Mall Christmas Decor

Christmas Decor London works with businesses and individuals to design a Christmas Decor package to wow

Once a design is agreed upon and installation is completed, the flipping on of the lights is up to you. Whether you turn the lights on today, next week or on Dec 21, the choice is yours. There is no additional charge for how long you leave the display up. Our crews check on your Christmas Decor display over the season and do our best to rectify any problems which may arise while it is in place. Our aim is ‘no hassle’ in the hopes to see you become a return customer and spread the good word.

Give us a call today to discuss your design needs and enjoy a full season of Christmas cheer this holiday season — 519-685-0220


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October 28, 2016 9:23 am