Time for Training

Christmas Decor Training

Time for Training!

Christmas Decor never sleeps!

You might be busy planning your Thanksgiving feast for this weekend, but Anna Marie had other activities on the go this week. This week she headed to Toronto for some training for Christmas Decor London.

Storage for Christmas Decor customers

Which box of Christmas Decor is yours?

Christmas Wreaths

These pretty wreaths are just waiting to be installed

There might be wreaths and boxes of lights in Christmas Decor London‘s storage facility, but there are plenty of new products available to add to customers displays. So Anna Marie hit the road to see in person what might interest her clients, new and returned.

Christmas Tree

Just add electricity and this festive tree will light up your world

Christmas Decor takes the business of design seriously. Not only do they have franchises across the United States, but they also have companies in British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario. Christmas Decor London is just one of those franchises.

All those businesses require training in how to install and sell Christmas products. Regional training helps to support them in that, plus adds the bonus of a boost in camaraderie between local franchises. Anna Marie made sure to book her spot far in advance.

Awaiting bulbs

Just add LED bulbs and let your Christmas Decor shine!

Anna Marie has returned to London with a little more pep in her step. She has seen the newest products and gotten the scoop on how to add them into design plans. It doesn’t hurt rubbing shoulders with other Christmas Decor franchises either. In person training provides that opportunity to  chat with others to see what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes it is those first-hand stories that make all the difference to your own business.

Now all Anna Marie has to do is talk to you! Call her today at (519) 685-0220 to set up an appointment to discuss your Christmas Decor plans. While installations begin after Thanksgiving, when you flip on the light show is up to you.  You can be sure that she’ll make your home or business a festive delight.

Decorating your home is easy with Christmas Decor London

Decorating your home is easy with Christmas Decor London


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October 8, 2014 1:50 pm