Christmas in July

Whew, it certainly is hot out there! With summer heat in full-force, we are drinking plenty of water out on the trucks this week. Would you care for another way to beat the heat? How about taking a gander at some of our Christmas displays to cool you down a touch.

Winter storms might be the last thing on your mind when the humidex pushes the temperature into the 30s, but doesn’t this nice, cool blue Christmas decor look inviting! It is postcard perfect! Yes, I can almost picture Santa landing on the roof any second.

Wandering along this inviting pathway, arm in arm with your loved one, brings nothing but smiles to a set of pink-tinged cheeks. The cheery lights and festive glow will find you looking for mistletoe to celebrate the Christmas season with. A nice hot chocolate, or even better a hot toddy, will warm you back up after your romantic winter stroll along this Christmasy decorated path.

And it certainly isn’t Christmas without that special Christmas tree to celebrate with! All aglow in red and white lights, this Christmas tree is the perfect thing to light up the night next winter. Can you imagine how many presents could be tucked underneath this beautiful specimen? Hoo-wee, Santa’s back is going to be sore after visiting this one!

Ahh, now that’s better. I can almost hear the jingle bells jangling as I fire the chain saw back up to get back to work. And if you are wondering how it is that we can so easily dream of these beautiful Christmas displays, well CLC Tree Services does that too. Yes, come summer’s end, we will tuck away many of our summer tools and pick up the Christmas lights to decorate area landscapes. We feel that it just wouldn’t be Christmas without them.

So Merry Christmas in July to you! May it be a nice, lush green one for now, but cheery and bright all year through.

PS. It’s 170 days till Christmas!

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July 7, 2011 4:35 pm