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So we go in, chop down a tree and leave. Is that what you think CLC Tree Services does when we head out to a job? Not exactly. I have to tell you that there is an awful lot more to what an arborist does than just trimming trees.


Before any member of  CLC Tree Services team ever touches a tree, folks start with a humble telephone call (or email nowadays). People find us via the Yellow Pages, from our Facebook page, our website, through the OCAA certified arborist listings, and oftentimes through traditional media outlets like newspapers or the 6 o’clock news. Making a connection is just the first step.

Once a customer contacts us, they explain what their needs are. We handle requests to prune trees, remove deadwood, assess and remove hazardous trees, diagnose disease and insect infestations, grind stumps, install cable and brace systems into trees, fertilize and aerate trees, as well as step in to help during emergencies or after storm damage. We can even be called in to assess a tree’s status before and during renovation projects to maintain their health during construction. If you have a tree with a need, we have an arborist with a solution.

With the knowledge of what your needs are, we swing into action. One of our certified arborists comes to your property to assess the tree. We try to make the best suggestions possible for your situation, offering whichever options we feel best suit your needs. An estimate is written and the call as to whether work will go ahead or not is left in the customer’s hands. We are a phone call away.

When the customer decides to go ahead with services, an appointment is booked. Now is when we actually come out and touch your trees. Whether we prune, remove or fertilize, we make a point of being aware of our surroundings. Your property is always of the utmost concern to us and we do everything in our power to protect it. That might mean a crane is brought in to handle a job, but it also just might call for the chipper to be on hand. If branches are being removed though, there are crew members on hand to clean up any debris that falls. Any removed limbs are chipped, larger stumps are taken away, and of course the surrounding area is raked or swept as needed.

When all is said and done, there is often little evidence that CLC Tree Services has been there at all. Some people ask to keep a portion of the tree for firewood and others want their mulch for the garden. We are happy to oblige, as long as infestation is not an issue.

Do you have other tree care questions, concerns or issues? We can probably help and are only a phone call away 519-685-0257.

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May 16, 2012 11:34 am