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CLC Tree Services was a finalist of the 2009 Business Integrity Award and winner of the 2010 Business Integrity award from the Better Business Bureau of Western Ontario

People sometimes wonder why the cost of tree services are so high. If you think about it, the price isn’t actually that extravagant. At CLC Tree Services, we try to set our prices fairly. We look at the cost of running the business, operating our machinery, keeping our certifications and licenses up to date, and paying our employees when we set our rates. You would be surprised how it adds up.

A Look at the Cost of Tree Service Work

Work orders

Just some of the active work orders for clients


We have many clients. They all require an estimate before services are performed. Estimates are free, but they take time. At present we are booking estimates for tree assessment three weeks out. Once estimates get approved by the client for work to be performed, they are scheduled accordingly. Scheduling for tree services is running into November. That tells you how busy we are.



CLC work station

The work station where tools are kept, equipment is maintained, and the crew stores whatever else they need

Before the truck ever leaves the yard, tools need to be gathered, equipment needs to be cleaned and maintained, a schedule needs to be set in place to organize the timing of the work orders for the day, and of course the trucks need to be fuelled for a day spent driving around the city (have you seen the price of gas lately?). Some days there are 3-4 jobs scheduled and other days one big job fills an entire crew’s day.

Some days it depends upon the weather.

Christine hard at work

Christine Siemens answers your calls, schedules your estimates and tree work, and answers any questions you may have


When the weather is fine, the office manager Christine makes sure that the trucks are loaded and gone by 8 am. The crews are on the road til 5 pm. It is a long day, but they get their lunch break, as well as two 15 minute breaks during the day. It gets them their 40 hour work week, which makes them happy. We all need a pay cheque to make ends meet.

Not all days are filled with tree planting pruning, removal or fertilizing though. CLC Tree Services takes our business seriously. We are professional, from our first phone call, through our estimates and services performed. We work hard to make sure all of our equipment, large and small, is in working order. That goes for chainsaws, rakes, chippers, and trucks. Sometimes that equipment needs more maintenance than we can provide ourselves. That means that trucks or other large equipment has to go to the shop for repairs. Expensive, but part of the business.

CLC Tree Services takes Workplace Health & Safety seriously

Not only do CLC Tree Services employees have to have WHIMS certifications, they also need to keep on top of them. Manuals come in handy.

Our employees need a day in the shop sometimes too. That means re-certification, training days, and the occasional networking events for them as well. All employees have WHMIS training and workplace health and safety awareness certification. This past spring CLC Tree Services offered CPR training for all its staff members as well. Plus, our staff all come out to events like the LEA Craft Day, employee barbeques and the BBB Business Integrity Awards. We are all part of the team.

Calvin's Qualifications

Calvin McCallum is more than just a pretty face. He is a Certified Arborist through the International Society of Arboriculture. He graduated from the Arboriculture program at Sir Sandford Fleming College. He even has a Supervisor Health & Safety Awareness certificate

Beyond regular certifications, there is further education and networking opportunities to fill the schedule. Calvin has more than a few qualifications to him. His Arboriculture Certification from the ISA needs to be updated every five years. The Arboriculture certificate he received from Sir Sandford Fleming College took two years and taught him many of the skills he now shares with new CLC employees. Being a Supervisor means a few more hours of training as well.

Add to that, Curt’s weekly networking functions at the London Executive Association, plus his membership in the Better Business Bureau where he sits on the Board of Directors. Anna Marie is no less active, with Christmas Decor conferences and webinars to attend regularly. Even Christine gets in on the action via her own networking groups.

Giving back to the community is a part of what CLC prides itself on

Giving back to the community is a part of what CLC prides itself on

If that wasn’t enough, CLC Tree Services also offers their time to worthy causes. They take part in, and sometimes organize, the OCAA Day of Services every May. They helped out in Goderich after the tornado which struck in 2011. They were in Toronto cleaning up after the major ice storm last winter. Grand Bend had a tornado blow throw it this past summer that saw the crew in for another extended road trip to help clean up. Plus, closer to home they will be at the Veteran’s Memorial Parkway tree planting this October 4th, 2014 to help commemorate our veterans. Giving back to the community or those in need is just something that needs to be done. And CLC is proud to do it.

So why does CLC Tree Services charge what they do for their services? You should almost ask why they don’t charge more

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By hiring a tree pruning service you actually save a lot of money. Wondering how that is possible? Well the overgrown branches can damage the windows or the verandah of your house. And even if you have insurance on your home, the insurance does not cover the damages caused by a tree. As a result you will end up paying more for repairing your home compared to the Tree Pruning Service hired! So you see once you hire this service you are actually saving a lot of money.

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