Easter Time Trivia

How about a little Tree Trivia for you today with an Easter theme?

What kind of wood was the cross that Jesus was crucified on made out of?

»That is not an easy question to answer, as there are many supposed fragments of the True Cross scattered around the world. According to legend it was dogwood, but there are many skeptics to this claim. Realistically, a dogwood would not be strong or large enough to support the weight of a man. During the life of Jesus, there was a large forest of cedars in the area. Some believe that the Cedars of Lebanon must have been  the source for his cross, especially as they grew to a height of around 100m at the time. Still others believe that the Olive tree may have been the source. Olive trees were used for crucifixes during that time period and some of the supposed fragments are made of olive. Pine is also a real possibility, as analysis on some of the fragments suggest that they are from a species of pine tree.

Considering we are talking about history that is over 2000 years gone and there are so many differing stories to turn to, we will have to leave this question a mystery today.

What was the Crown of Thorns worn by Jesus woven out of?

»Another difficult question, with not an exact answer. The Bible does not specify what the crown was made out of, so we have to go by what would have been available at the time and scholars best guesses. The Zizyphus Spina Christi is a likely probability, as it is has pliable branches, small, sharp thorns and was found in the area.  Another possibility was the qundaul, which is also a long vine, that would be pliable enough to weave into a crown. It has harsher 1-1 ½” thorns though, so perhaps a more cruel choice for mocking the “King of Jews”. As neither you nor I were there, I don’t think that we can truly answer this question with a certainty either.

What is the significance of the Easter Lily?

»This question might be a little easier to answer. The aromatic Easter Lily can be found in many homes around Easter time. The white, bell shaped flowers are tied to the story of Jesus as well. It is said that where the blood of Jesus fell, Easter lilies bloomed. The bulb represents Jesus’ tomb in the ground. The pure, white colour speaks of his purity. The lily’s bell shape is akin to Gabriel’s trumpet that calls for rebirth and new life.

Why are Palm Leaves given out on Palm Sunday?

»How many good Christians out there just replaced their palm leaves last weekend? The palm leaf symbolizes victory and triumph. When Jesus re-entered Jerusalem, people laid palms in his path. He had returned in the name of peace and they used the palms to honour him. Palm Sunday falls the week before Easter weekend and in today’s day and age, it is tradition for the church to hand out palm leaves to the congregation.

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April 5, 2012 4:19 pm