Timeline for Flowering Trees in London

April showers bring May flowers

Well, we certainly had plenty of rain (and snow) in April and have been rewarded with an abundance of flowers this May. While area trees took a while to get started, there has been a steady stream of blossoms all month. Yellow, white, orange, pink, and purple; all colours you can find in London’s flowering trees.

Not that all those flowering trees bloom at once. We are blessed to have a progression of flowers which brighten the landscape, followed closely by the next blaze of blossoms from another species of flowering tree or shrub once the earlier ones are spent.

While I’m sure you have your favourites, here are just a few of the area trees and shrubs which bloom over the course of May. Which have we missed?

Timeline of Flowering Trees in London


Forsythia usually starts the show with its yellow blossoms in late April into early May


Magnolia trees start blooming not long after with trees blooming from early to mid-May

tulip tree

Tulip trees with their creamy orange flowers have reached the end of their bloom now, but were blossoming earlier in May


Flowering Dogwoods are at their showiest when magnolias start to fade mid-May

Not as dramatic as magnolias, Chestnut trees were blooming around the same time as dogwoods

Not as dramatic as magnolias, Chestnut trees bloom around the same time as dogwoods; early to mid-May


Area crab apples were at their peak last week and usually steal the show following dogwoods; by mid to late-May


Redbuds were at their height last week, but can still be seen adding splashes of colour to London neighbourhoods


This year’s lilac trees seem to be going for longevity. While flower buds were present by April, some blooms have been captivating people for weeks

Delicate honeysuckle shrubs are just starting to bloom this week

Delicate honeysuckle shrubs are just starting to bloom this week


The round bursts of white flowers on this hydrangea are brightening London this week


Karen Stabb

I have lost my favourite flowering aromatic tree. It was at Packwood Place and was very healthy. I look forward to this tree blooming each year as it lifts my spirits and tells me I’m alive. I was saddened by the recent cutting down of this tree. I live at 106 Base Line Rd. WEST Unit 207, 226-270-2407. I would so appreciate finding out why this beautiful healthy tree was cut down. It hindered nothing, and was not damaged in any way.

Karen Stabb

I am saddened by the cutting down of my favourite flowering tree, on Base Line Rd. WEST Packwood Place. It was set back off the sidewalk and was healthy and not damaged or interfering with any obstacles. It was not damaged by the winter, and I looked forward to the fragrance of it, much less the beautiful shade it produced. It had long thin light green leaves and I saw no reason to kill it. I would like to know why and who had this tree cut down. Thank you sincerely.

Katherine Krige

Hi Karen

I have passed along your comment to our office staff. We understand your love of trees and the pain at losing a favourite one. There may have been something wrong with it (untreatable disease or insect infestation), but I am not certain in this case. We’ll see if we can find out, but you could always contact the building as well.

Thanks for asking!

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