Green Gift Wrapping Ideas

We don’t mean to alarm you, but there’s two weeks til Christmas. Shelves are starting to get bare in stores, which hopefully means you are just about done your Christmas shopping. The next task on your list should therefore be wrapping all those gifts. If you have taken steps to be more eco-friendly this year, how do you justify all that paper and the bows that come with gift wrapping though? All that glitters, is not gold! It’s time to think beyond the throwaway culture we’ve developed and take a greener stance when it comes to gift wrap. Why not try one of these green gift wrapping ideas!

Green Gift Wrapping Ideas

Gift box

Reuse a gift box over again to keep the gift giving going

🎁 Why not ditch the paper altogether? Instead of using rolls and rolls of unrecyclable gift wrap, choose a gift box instead! A decorative gift box can be used over again, offers better protection for the enclosed gift, and is still just as festive to look at under the tree. Keep your gift recipient guessing as to what’s inside; clothes, fine china, a toy, or maybe a puppy? You’ll have to wait until Christmas to find out! 🎁

A Christmas napkin makes for great reusable gift wrapping

🎁 If you would rather steer clear of pre-made gift wrap items, another option is to wrap your gifts in fabric. A clean pillow case conceals a gift inside. Fancy tea towels or napkins make for elegant packaging that you can use in the kitchen later. Why not use an old t-shirt or sweater? Get creative with materials for green gift wrapping ideas. 🎁

🎁 Why not make your gift wrapping as beautiful as the gift it holds by making your own wrapping paper? There are plenty of online tutorials to get you started, but here’s a simple method which only requires butcher paper, paint, and a little bit of creativity. Personalized wrapping paper—how fun! 🎁

Map wrapping paper

Old maps make for a unique gift wrapping idea

🎁 Alternately to making paper, you can reuse other kinds of paper for a funky take on green gift wrapping. Choose from old magazines, newspapers, maps, wax paper, envelopes, or whatever you might have on hand. You can’t get much greener than reusing old paper. 🎁

🎁 Of course the greenest way to wrap a gift is to not wrap it at all. Think about other ways you can give, without the need for fancy wrapping. Why not give the gift of time, by volunteering for an organization in need.

The Salvation Army Christmas Kettle Campaign is still in need of bell ringers. London Snow Angels are always in need of strong bodies to help shovel out driveways to those in need. The City of London uses volunteers for many of their programs throughout the year; why not volunteer in our parks? There are plenty of other organizations around the City which welcome helping hands, from senior centers to hospitals, soup kitchens to libraries, you would be amazed at where you can put your well-meaning skills to work. Not to mention just helping neighbours, baking cookies for schools, taking friends out for dinner, or children to a movie. The gift of time spent with another is often the most cherished gift of all, and doesn’t need any wrapping at all. 🎁

Merry Christmas!