Help with Getting Organized in 2012

Happy New Year and welcome to 2012!

I trust everyone had a warm and restful holiday season and are now working to get back into the swing of things. For some that might be taking down the Christmas tree and putting away the Christmas decorations. For others, that might look more like a New Year’s resolution list of goals to achieve in the new year.

New Year’s Goals?

Despite naysayers amongst us, New Year’s resolutions can be good thing, if they are realistic and attainable. Some might strive to lose weight or get in shape. Quitting smoking is a big goal for many as well.

What else do people set themselves for as goals? How about spending more time with family and friends, or getting more organized. Of course everyone is different and people have their own individual goals they set for themselves. Any of these tasks are worthy; the challenge is how to succeed at them though.

Chainsaw wielding is a great addition to your workout. Just make sure to handle it with care!

While CLC Tree Services isn’t an expert on weight loss, or getting into shape, we do alright. Toting chainsaws and gear helps with upper body strength, plus tones the core. Tree climbing and raking are great cardio workouts. These activities might not be realistic for the general masses as an exercise regime though.

What we can offer though, is the gift of organization, as well as a little more time for you to spend with family and friends. What is the secret, you ask? Why, CLC Tree Services of course!

Get Organized with CLC

How many of you out there fashion yourself handy, only to discover you have bitten off more than you can chew? And how many of you have been staring at that gnarly old tree in the backyard, postponing the job of pruning, fertilizing or cutting it down? Oh sure, you might have whacked at it with your pruners once or twice, but did it really look any better afterwards? Be honest, did you ever even look for tree fertilizer the last time you were in that big box store? I didn’t think so.

Get CLC to handle the pruning and raking to leave you more time to spend with family.

Now I don’t mean to devalue your skill set, but what I do want to suggest is that crossing off bigger tasks (like tree maintenance) from your master list of goals, will leave you more time to spend with family and friends. It will also help you on the way to feeling more organized and on the ball, when that task is complete.

When professionals undertake tree maintenance, it keeps you safer and leaves an appealing result—a beautiful tree. You might be capable of pruning, planting, fertilizing or cutting down your own trees, but how good a job do you do? When you hire a professional to help with the job, it gets done by a knowledgeable team, aware of the specimen at hand. Plus, the job is handled faster, with no mess to clean up after the fact. Did we mention we also have insurance? CLC Tree Services prides ourselves on our work ethic and that your property is in better shape than when we arrived.

In essence, we remove the headache from any tree services task you have, so you can focus on other more important aspects of your life; like volunteering, enjoying life more, and spending time with others. How is that for attaining a new year’s resolution right off the hop? CLC prides ourselves on a job well done and completed in a timely manner. Leave it to us, so you can move onto other projects with a clear conscience. So what else is on your list of resolutions?

Happy New Year!