Ice Storm Cleanup

It is mid-January already. We have seen arctic weather, rain, sunshine, and of course plenty of snow to fill in the gaps. Here’s hoping that the sunshine helped give some gusto to your new year’s resolutions. That is unless they have been abandoned already (whomever chose January to make resolutions was just evil. Winter is a time to hibernate, not start anew!).

Anyway, yesterday’s sunshine helped to pick up the spirits of our crew in Toronto, Ontario. If you are thinking, “Wait a minute. CLC Tree Services is located in London, Ontario aren’t they?”, you’d be right. Why do we have a crew in Toronto then you wonder? Time for a road trip!

CLC crew on the road to Toronto!

CLC crew on the road to Toronto!

Toronto Ice Storm 2013

Where there are trees in need, we do proceed…

Damage from Toronto’s 2013 Ice Storm

If you are not from around these parts you may not have heard of the big ice storm that hit Southwestern Ontario right before Christmas. While London was spared, Toronto was not. It is estimated that there was over $106 million dollars worth of damages done in the wake of the ice that caused loss of power to over 300,000 people across the city.

CLC’s up close and personal look at some of the tree damage

It wasn’t just power lines that were snapped though. The weight from all that ice caused massive damage to the area’s tree canopy. Trees were coated in a thick layer of ice that snapped twigs, branches and whole trees in half. City crews scrambled to remove the worst of the damage at the time, but the cleanup project is just beginning. And Toronto needs a little help.

CLC Tree Services working on Ice Storm cleanup in Toronto area

CLC Tree Services working on #IceStorm2013 cleanup in Toronto area

CLC Tree Services has headed to the Toronto area to offer our tree services to the damaged urban canopy that is in so much need. We are not the only arborists that have responded either. For our part though, we will have at least one crew there for a month, possibly running into a second. Our guys are going to be on ice storm cleanup for 6 days a week, at 10-12 hour days. It will certainly keep us busy!

If you are back home in London and thinking of contacting CLC, but not so sure now, don’t fret. We still have a crew in the “Forest City” that is available for our home town needs. The guys back home are taking down our Christmas decorations, removing icicles as needed, and still out writing estimates for businesses and homeowners that have trees in need. We are just keeping our office manager Christine a little busier with our scheduling needs is all.

Right Christine?!

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