Integrity in Southwestern Ontario

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It is a hallmark that businesses strive for. At least that is how the Better Business Bureau of Western Ontario sees it. And they are certainly ones to know, with thousands of businesses listed in their Business Directory for Southwestern Ontario alone. You can find business recommendations and customer complaints, with a system of ratings from “A” to “F”, all at the click of a mouse. It is all based on the BBB’s Standards for Trust, including such things like trust, truth, honest advertising, transparency, responsiveness, safe-guarding of privacy, and of course Integrity.

Today the Better Business Bureau of Western Ontario honoured four local businesses from Southwestern Ontario with a nomination for the prestigious 2013 Business Integrity Award. Representatives from Aveiro Constructors Ltd, Fantastic Nails and Spa Ltd, The Hayter Group, and Van Luyk Greenhouses and Garden Center all rose to receive the warranted applause for those nominations. While the nominees were all worthy in their own rights, the winner of this year’s award went to The Hayter Group.


BBB Integrity AwardCLC Tree Services knows firsthand how exciting it is to receive the Business Integrity Award. In 2010, we received the huge honour of not only being nominated, but also winning this significant accolade. It is a credit that we continue to recognize in our day-to-day business practices, as we strive to maintain our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. From our business practices, to our customer relations, to the community involvement where we strive for only the best, Business Integrity is key to our successes. It doesn’t make us perfect; we received our first BBB customer complaint after winning our Business Integrity Award. It does mean that we work hard to always do our best—the complaint was resolved through the BBB’s assistance process. That is part of our transparency. And the Business Integrity that we hold ourselves to.

So while the award today did not get pinned to our lapels, it was still an honour to be part of the process. CLC Tree Services is a proud Accredited Member of the BBB. We are an even prouder member of the community in which these high standards are set and met by local businesses every day. Congratulations to all the nominated businesses and the proud winner of the Business Integrity Award today.

And kudos to London, Ontario, where we make it all happen.

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October 30, 2013 2:58 pm