Landscape Design with Pam and CLC

What makes a yard welcoming? Is it the entrance, the seating, the colours, the surfaces? The answer of course is all of that. Your landscaping is an extension of your home and your personality. Do you like neat and orderly spaces or wild and rambling vistas? Neither is wrong and both are beautiful in their own way. Helping to achieve that look takes effort though. And CLC Tree Services can help. We do far more than just tree removal—landscape design is our secret passion and skill.

Landscape Design with CLC Tree Services

CLC Tree Services started out as a stump removal service, but has expanded extensively from those humble roots. We still have stump grinders, but now offer a whole host of other services, including landscape design. Whether you are looking for a single tree planted or a complete redo of your yard, CLC has the time, skill, and expertise to make that happen. And while Calvin McCallum is an extraordinary arborist, he is often too busy climbing trees to handle all the new landscaping clients who have come out way. So in stepped Pam.

Pam brings over 10 years of experience in the horticultural industry and a Horticultural Technician degree

The Hort Queen – Pam Cook

Landscape design for any space

Trees are an integral piece to any landscape design

In 2015, Pamela Cook officially joined the CLC team on a full-time basis. She came with a Horticultural Technician degree from Fanshawe College and a love of all things trees. While she is an integral piece of the Christmas Decor London end of things in the lead-up to Christmas, during the rest of the year the plant health care department keeps her hopping. Not only does she handle tree injections, fertilization, and other aspects of tree health, but she also co-ordinates tree planting and full landscape design for CLC’s clients. She is passionate about trees and it shows in all that she does.

For clients looking for a zen space to relax at the end of the day, Pam understands you. Trees offer shade, privacy, and a chance to commune with nature. They add an integral piece to landscaping and Pam has the knowledge and insight to select just the right trees for your space. Our Google+ reviews have never looked so good!

Landscape redesign

Pam isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty when working towards a vision for clients

We’ve had other clients approach us looking for a complete overhaul of their yard. Despite the scope of the job, Pam is up to the task. Her vision can see beyond stunted plants, mismatched borders, and problem soils. Whether she digs into the dirt herself or instructs other members of the crew on her vision, she has proven herself a valuable member of the CLC team.

So while CLC’s tree planting season and landscape design typically dominates the spring work orders, Pam and the rest of the CLC crew are busy all year long. Come the fall, I’m sure we will plant a few more trees, but you have to get your orders in early. Share your vision of what you want your yard to look like and see what Pam comes up with. Will it be formal, contemporary, cottage, low-maintenance, drought-resistant, water-loving, or a garden all your own? Let Pam and CLC Tree Services make your garden an oasis you will be proud to call your own.