Landscape Planning: Think About Tree Planting Now

tree planting

Look outside your window. It is January, but in London, Ontario, we have a decided dearth of snow. Definitely more like early spring weather, than the dead of winter.

snow melt

So, as it already feels like spring, now is the perfect time to talk about tree planting!

Early spring is the perfect time to plant a tree, as trees are only just beginning to come out of dormancy. Buds have yet to burst, meaning leaves are not at risk of damage during transplant. The ground is moist and workable, as the soil is just beginning to thaw from the winter freeze. This gives a newly planted tree a better chance to establish itself before the hot and dry summer months arrive. Plus, their dormancy reduces stress during the planting process.

But why should you worry about any of that in January, when tree planting season is still a couple of months away? One word—PLANNING.

Planning for Tree Planting

tree planting

CLC Tree Services works with clients to choose the best trees suited to their property’s needs

By doing a little landscape planning and tree selection research, you increase the likelihood of your new tree’s ability to survive and thrive. Think about what kind of tree might be best suited for your site before going out to purchase one.

What are you looking for in a tree?

  • shade
  • fruit
  • ornamental
  • wind protection
new trees

Not sure what kind of trees to plant? Let CLC Tree Services help with your landscape planning

What are your site’s qualities?

  • moist/dry
  • shady/full sun
  • acidic/alkaline soil
  • sand/loam/clay

All of these factors need to be taken into consideration before choosing a tree. As with any big decision, planning is key.

CLC Tree Services is here to help. Not only do we have the knowledge of which trees do best in what sites, we also use local growers to offer you hardy trees that are best suited to conditions in London, Ontario. When you shop local, the tree you get has been grown in the same climate in which you live, minimizing transplant shock and maximizing viability.

Stam Nurseries has been in operation just outside Woodstock since 1978. They are a member of Landscape Ontario and have over 150 varieties of trees available. While they are not open to the public, CLC Tree Services works with them to get the very best trees available for our clients. But, we are not their only clients.

That means that if you want the best selection available for your spring tree planting, you need to think now about what type of tree you would like to plant this year. While you might do your research and landscape planning, if you don’t get your orders in early, you might find that the right tree for your site is no longer available. And after going through all that planning, we would hate to see you disappointed.

Spring will be here before you know it. Act now to get the best choice in trees for your landscaping plans.

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January 19, 2017 3:09 pm