Let’s Shed a Little Light on Your Yard

Well, our brief taste of Spring was quickly thwarted by last week’s fresh dump of snow and return to wintry temperatures. It will come, but right now it feels more like the dead of winter than the rebirth of the season of growth we ache for. Spring in Southern Ontario is like that though. What can you do about it?

One thing that we can do is to look forward to the warmer days ahead. While still shivering under a winter blanket, we can start planning for summer fun. There will be pool parties, backyard barbeques, and late night evenings to just relax outdoors under the stars. Ah summer, to feel your warm embrace!

Before you get to relax in your yard, the garden will a little attention to get it back into shape though. While your spring bulbs will bloom without any help, the bushes or hedges in the yard will need some pruning to look their best after a winter spent beneath a ledge of snow. It can be a lot of work to spruce up your yard after the punishment of winter, but worth it when you can sit back to admire your handiwork. Once the sun slips over the horizon though, all that work disappears under cover of darkness. A shame really.

Not this year though. Why not think about extending your enjoyment in the yard you worked so hard at getting beautiful? You spend the day toiling in the dirt, but when it is time to sit back and enjoy it, all that hard work disappears into the shadows. That is unless you add some illumination. Yes, it is time to think about outdoor lighting.

Landscape lighting can be as easy as adding some cheap solar lights along a pathway, as spectacular as adding a spotlight to highlight an arboreal feature in the yard, or as subtle as lighting up the wall that surrounds your property. It provides the security of well-lit walkways to prevent stumbles and falls on uneven surfaces, decks or stairs. Outdoor lighting can also help to display doors, gates and driveways for safety and ease of use.

When it comes to your garden though, that is where the dramatics shine. For the work that you put into it, give your garden the attention it deserves, day or night. That breathtaking Japanese maple in the front yard would stun your neighbours with some spotlights around it. A gurgling fountain would re-appear with a little soft back-lighting. Your guests will appreciate your highlighting of the rocky edges around the pool, when you invite them over for that late-night swim as well. Best of all though, you will be able to see it all in the light it deserves with the addition of a  little garden lighting.

As always, if you can handle a little dirt under your finger nails, but are daunted by the task of getting that spotlight just so, feel free to contact us. Crescent Moon uses premium quality low voltage lighting fixtures to transform your property into a subtly lit portrait that will take your breath away! We offer professional advice and services as to how to best  illuminate your world. Lie back in your hot tub, and let us worry about the electrical systems. We will make sure that you can see all the hard work that you have accomplished in your yard.

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March 29, 2011 12:15 pm