We’re Letting Down the Rope on the Treehouse Today

We talk about trees all the time on the CLC Tree Services blog; yes, we’ve been known to wax poetic on the joys of trees and the challenges of maintaining them more than once.

Today though we are going to take a step back in time and invite you to walk back into your childhood memories with us. Did you have a favourite tree in your yard that you liked to climb?  Was there a special willow that you liked to sit under while fishing at the local stream? Or maybe you and that special someone carved your initials into a giant oak tree down at the park? We want to hear your stories of how trees touched your life in your younger days. Let us walk back in time with YOU, as we invite you to share a comment, or link to your own website/blog stories!

Let Down the Rope on the Treehouse 

The Children’s Garden Tree House in Sarasota FL*

In the meantime, don’t leave us too quick, as we still have our heads in the trees. Here’s another question for you; did you ever have a treehouse when you were a kid? Was it a big lavish affair with walls, curtains and a chair or two, or just a simple platform where you could dream you were Tarzan in the jungle? Pretty sure Curt was stealing lumber from his old man, to drag down to the river for his “boys only” fort, but that’s a story for another day.

Treehouses are a great part of childhood. They help to build imagination, offer a unique space for children all their own, and foster a sense of pride, if they have had a hand in building and designing their very own tree houses. Tree houses can be quiet places where children can be alone, perhaps with a book in hand or to watch shooting stars at night. They can also be places to gather for a tea party with friends and/or favourite stuffed animals. Invariably, they can turn into loud settings as well, where wars get hatched between cowboys vs indians, the Empire vs Luke Skywalker’s Rebel Alliance, or maybe just between girls vs boys. Nowadays it might be more like Harry Potter and gang vs Lord Voldemort and his evil forces, but the story is still the same. Treehouses are only limited by a child’s whims and imagination.

The emotional attachment that is formed with trees in our youth doesn’t always leave us as we grow older though. There are treehouses all over the world where grown folk and their families have found the comforts of home within the branches of cherished trees. The gentleman in this video returned to his roots and was true to the architectural limbs in his work world, by creating a treehouse haven in the middle of busy Atlanta, GA. The Shelterness website highlights 10 Tree Houses You Can Only Dream Of. You can even go on vacation and stay at a tree house retreat, like The Tree House Resort in India or Treehouse Treesort in Oregon.

If you have you ever wanted to live in a tree, but aren’t sure about whether you are willing to make that commitment or not, maybe check out this video highlighting Planet 100’s Top 5 tree houses and think a little more about it. Some pretty sweet abodes that we can only dream of…

* Original Image for Children’s Garden Tree House found http://bit.ly/niXZKv

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August 17, 2011 9:00 am