London’s Spring Weather

London’s Spring Weather

Another snowy day. In April. Sigh… Seems like Spring is a long ways off this year in London, Ontario. I suspect that it feels like that because we were treated to an early one last year, but we know how that turned out then, don’t we?

Law of Averages

So buck up Londoners. This is Canada! The average temperature in London for April is 6.3°C and the average snowfall is 9 cm, according to The Weather Network. And you know what? They are predicting a high of 9°C tomorrow! So we are not too bad off after all.

Just don’t go looking into the longer range forecast though, as they are predicting rain Sunday and Monday. I don’t think it will amount to the record high of 66 cm that we got back on April 20, 2000, but it will help to get us towards that average of 74 mm of rainfall.

At least we don’t have to deal with a humidex reading just yet. The hot humid days of summer will be here before we know it. And so will all the outdoor tasks that you have to take care of, like cutting the grass, watering your trees and plants. So for now perhaps we can just enjoy the twittering of the birds that have returned to our part of the world already this Spring. The robins aren’t bothered by the cold weather. Maybe we should be thankful for the longer days and comparatively warmer ones that come our way. They certainly make working outside easier. The guys at CLC Tree Services appreciate it, as they are out regardless of the weather. How about you get out and enjoy this Spring weather too, regardless of the way it comes.

Image Courtesy of Katherine Krige

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Tree Service

Good work…
Trees are plants that are friendly to our environment. As we all know, plants are a huge source of our oxygen.


They are indeed! And they don’t complain over a little snow or rain, so perhaps we should just enjoy what Mother Nature sends our way, right?

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