Needy Tree Contest

Over the last little while CLC Tree Services  has been looking for ways to grow. We wanted to give back to our loyal customers and maybe attract a few new ones. One idea that we came up with was to add this blog to our repertoire. We have also made up a new home for ourselves on Facebook that we hope you will go and check out as well. All wonderful, but there was still a piece missing though. Hmm.

How best to highlight all of the changes that we have come up with? We put our heads together and brain-stormed. What did we come up with, you wonder?  Glad you asked.

The London Spring Home and Garden Show is approaching and CLC Tree Services will have a booth there for the third year in a row. We love to get out and interact with the people in our community. When we haven’t been busy trimming trees, we have been wrapped up with preparation for the show. That is when it hit us. Our idea to celebrate Spring and the new ventures that we are involved with are going to be showcased by a contest; the Needy Tree Photo Contest.

The Needy Tree Photo Contest is all about you and your trees. If you have a tree that is in need of some love; ie. pruning, shaping, fertilizing, or cabling, then get outside and take a picture of it. Sign on to Facebook and find our page. Send us the photo of your tree for our contest, and you are entered. We are asking people to vote on which tree they think needs the most love. We will also have the entries on display at the Home and Garden Show for people to vote on there as well. The winner will be selected on April 12th. What you all want to know though is what you get if you are our winner, right?


The winner of the “Needy Tree” contest will receive: 

1. Assessment of the tree by an ISA certified Arborist to determine general condition, and what “treatment” the tree requires. 

2. The necessary treatment will include some or all of the following:
a) Trimming to remove deadwood and to enhance the shape of the tree.
b) Deep root fertilization to promote strong root growth and overall health.
c) Installation of cabling or other support systems if required.
d) Installation of wood mulch at the base of the tree to promote moisture retention.

3. Design, supply and install a permanent, low voltage landscape lighting system that will transform the tree into a nighttime portrait.

So grab your camera and get outside. Take a photo of your very own needy tree and send us a line. Don’t forget to come and visit us this weekend at the Home and Garden Show as well. See you then!

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April 4, 2011 11:47 am