No Job Too Small

No Job Too BIG, No Job Too small

You have seen the crew of CLC Tree Services hanging out of giant beech trees. They have taken down ash trees, elm, hickory and so many more. Not every job requires tree removal though and not all jobs are gargantuan in size.

Take, for example, the work site where the CLC crew was working this morning. A homeowner had a few trees on her property that hadn’t seen any love in probably over twenty years. One was growing around an overhead electrical wire. Another was blocking a pathway and crowding into nearby bushes. A third crab apple was so tightly compacted that airflow was at a minimum, plus its branches were overhanging a neighbour’s carport and the owner’s garage. None of the trees needed to be removed, but the homeowner realized that if she tackled the pruning job herself, she quite possibly would be left with some butchered trees that might need more money at the end of the day to return them to pleasing specimens again. Or she might hurt herself in the process. That was not what she wanted, nor did she have time to tackle the project on her own.

So she picked up the phone and started calling around for estimates.

CLC Tree Services was but one of the companies that she contacted for an estimate on pruning her trees. We are proud to say that she mentioned that we were by far the most professional of the companies she spoke with though. From the clean-cut, smiling Calvin that came out to offer an estimate, to the three well-mannered crew that arrived to do the work, CLC lived up to our 2010 BBB Award for Integrity. We pride ourselves on our customer service and it shows (we like to think anyway). The customer checked out our website and was impressed, even going so far as to note that not a lot of other local tree services companies had any kind of online presence. In this plugged in day and age, it is hard to get around that and the fact that this customer was doing her research, let us know that we are ahead of the curve, as far as a social media presence goes. Psst, have you checked out our Facebook Page recently? Yup, we’ve got that too!

I digress though. This morning’s job was about offering a simple service that was a little more than the homeowner could handle. She realized that hiring a professional company would get her professional results. As we work with trees for a living, we know how best to trim a tree to improve air flow and aesthetic looks, while keeping the tree’s health in mind. We have the proper tools to tackle every kind of tree need, whether it be a chainsaw or a simple hand-held pruner. Most importantly for this homeowner, we also cleaned up the debris that was removed from her trees. She would not have to worry about what to do with a tangle of branches and certainly needn’t worry about raking leaves out of her lawn after we were gone.

We always come prepared and today was no different.

Our crew of three arrived promptly before 9am and was gone before noon. While the homeowner watched on in trepidation, one of our crew members safely climbed her slender crab apple tree, that she feared would not hold his weight. She was reassured by another crew member that he was tied on in a few spots, plus the tree was actually stronger than it looked. Safety of our crew is always paramount, whether the job is big or small. And while today’s job was comparatively small in nature, it was still worthy of attention from CLC Tree Services. This homeowner now has three freshly pruned trees that are one less worry for her.

Our work here is done.


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Knowledge is power, but only to those that know. We very much appreciate you taking the time to leave us a comment. Thanks!

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This is a really great post. The task of clearing the debris that is removed from the trees is very vital and it sounds like you guys did a good job of this. Keep the great blog posts coming!


We do our best! It is unthinkable to leave the homeowner with a mess to clean up & figure out where to dispose of it all, not to mention the unsightliness of it. A happy customer is our best referral. 🙂

Keep coming back for more!!

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May 23, 2012 1:34 pm