The Perfect Present

The Perfect Present

With 10 days to go
Til Santa arrives
Has your oomph gotten low
And shopping will needing revival?

I’m sure the hall is decked
with mistletoe and holly,
but has the list been rechecked?
Do you still need presents for Great-Aunt Dolly?

She hated last year’s mitts
and couldn’t stand the sweater!
What to get for the pickiest kin
Who gets hives just thinking about a masseur?

I’ve the perfect thing
that won’t itch, or pinch, or expire.
You won’t even have to bring
a small band of men to hire!

What about a gift of love;
pollution-free, producing fresh air
and offered with a glove
(for the Spring planting affair)

I am talking about a tree
Don’t you see – it’s perfect!
It’s environmentally friendly
Fits all sizes & can even be hand-picked!

So call or email today
to ReForest London’s office
Make sure not to delay
As before December 22nd, you’ll even get a free ornament!


Colby Lee

Never really thought of gifting trees. We have been looking for unique ways of ‘replanting’ trees since our company focuses on removing dead or dying trees. This will be a great idea for Christmas

Katherine Krige

It makes for a nice client Christmas gift, plus is good for your community. Win, win!

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December 14, 2011 4:53 pm