CLC Tree Services to the Pet Rescue!

Have you ever had your pet stuck in a tree?

“Here kitty, kitty!”

You have called your cat repeatedly and panic is setting in. Maybe your cat has never been outdoors before. Could they be injured? Perhaps they are just plain scared and you can’t handle their yowling anymore. What do you do when your pet has scooted up a tree and won’t come down again? Who do you call for your pet rescue?

CLC Tree Services to the Pet Rescue

You might not normally think to call a Tree Care company when your cat is in a tree. The Fire Department maybe, or possibly an Animal Rescue organization might spring to mind first. To be honest, CLC Tree Services hasn’t had pet rescue queries posed all that often—but certainly not never.

So your poor kitty is stuck up in a tree, meowing for all they are worth. You begin to panic when they won’t respond to their name, and the tempting shake of a cat treat container still finds poor Fluffy stuck firmly up in your tree’s branches. Your first thought is to call the Fire Department, as we have all seen cat rescues in the movies by brave fire fighters. Sadly, Hollywood drama lets you down once more. The Fire Department does not respond to panicked pet owners who are at their wit’s end with a frigid feline. I hate to tell you that Animal Control is not much more help when your cat is in a tree. They might be able to give you a number for someone to contact, but they won’t come by with a ladder any time soon.

What do you do then? Well, it might not fall under tree care services, but CLC Tree Services has had a call or two to come to the rescue if you can believe it. We have ladders, a bucket truck, and a crew that isn’t afraid of heights, so in the grand scheme of things, I suppose that is a pretty smart connection for the folks that thought to call us in for their pet rescue solutions in Ingersoll and around Argyle Mall. And we have come to the rescue when no one else would!

Here are a few more reasons why we could be the folks for the job, for YOU;

Calvin and a baby raccoon

Calvin has rescued more than one animal from a tree before

  • CLC Tree Services doesn’t have a siren to scare your kitty even more than they already are
  • We have the equipment to safely reach your petrified pet
  • We already have experience in removing animals from trees (see photo of Calvin and one of a family of raccoons that he relocated at Camp Woodeden during our Day of Service 2013)
  • The $100 we charge for pet rescue is a small amount compared to the big relief we offer (sadly, our crew doesn’t work for free and our trucks don’t run on love and the admiration of our fans)
  • Despite getting peed on during one of his previous cat rescues, Calvin still came to work the next day. AND the crew had bragging rights about the appreciation from the kitty’s grateful owners. Just one of the hazards of the job that we handle with a smile!


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October 16, 2013 1:10 pm