Rainy Day Check List

The weather forecast for the week is calling for rain, rain and more rain. Not so much fun for us tree guys that have to work outside all day. We aren’t made of sugar though, so we will survive. As for you, it doesn’t mean that you have to lose a day of productivity though. There is still plenty that you can do to take care of your trees on a rainy day.

Here is a list of 10 rainy day activities to keep you on top of your tree’s needs;

  1. Order mulch: Trees benefit from a layer of mulch spread around their bases to help retain moisture in the heat of the summer. Since you are inside anyway, order some now to keep your trees healthier all year long.
  2. Sharpen  and clean tools: Sharp tools, such as pruners and saws, help to make cleaner cuts, as well as prevent disease from spreading from one tree to the next. Get sharpening.
  3. Buy fertilizer: It might be raining outside, but that is a perfect time to purchase fertilizer for your trees. Go shopping!
  4. Research the best tree for your yard: If you are planning on planting a new tree in your yard, a rainy day is a good time to do a little research to help you decide what trees might be a good fit for your yard, depending upon your lighting, soil makeup, and desired height.
  5. Build/buy a bird house to hang in your tree: Not only do you love your trees, but the birds do as well. Buy a feeder or bird house to encourage wildlife in your yard.
  6. Inspect your tree for disease or damage: Depending upon the view from your windows, you can still assess whether you will need to get outside when the rain stops to trim some branches or not. If your tree doesn’t appear that healthy, perhaps now would be a good time to call CLC Tree Services to book an estimate for your tree work.
  7. Install a rain barrel: I know that it might be raining out and you might not want to get wet, but later in the season you might need that water. Put on your slicker and galoshes, and get out there to capture every drop of that precious rain water. Your trees will thank you for the drink when the dry days of summer arrive.
  8. Pull out your hammock: Soon enough the weather will be a little more desirable for swinging in the hammock under the shade of your trees. Inspect it to see if it requires any repairs or cleaning, before you hang it up for the season.
  9. Consider spotlighting trees: While you are admiring your tree from your window, think about giving it more of a spotlight in your yard with lightscaping. Crescent Moon Lightscaping installs low voltage lighting to allow you to admire your trees even after the sun goes down.
  10. Count down the days to Christmas: 242 days to go!

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April 26, 2011 12:30 pm