A Look Back: Reflections on 2017

Christmas Day has come and gone. The last few days of 2017 are slowly winding down. For many that means taking the time to reflect on a year passed. It also has many looking to the future in anticipation of the New Year to come. CLC can’t help but dwell on these reflections too.

What did 2017 look like for CLC Tree Services? Let’s take a look…

Reflections on 2017

Big Events for CLC Tree Services:

  • Winning the 2017 Best Tree Services Company in London brought our tally up to 4 years in a row. Can we make it the 5th this year?

    Won our 4th Best of London award for Best Tree Services Company in London, Ontario. Here’s hoping this year we can make it the 5th! Vote for CLC today in category 158!!!!

  • Organized and participated in OCAA’s Day of Service at Camp Bel. This was the 6th year that CLC Tree Services took the reins to organize the event that sees local tree services companies donate their time, skills, equipment, and services to a non-profit organization in need of tree service work. Without the hard work and generousity of local arborists, this tree work is often difficult to afford and achieve.

CLC Crew

Can you believe it’s been 30 years since Curt started CLC Tree Services? Wow!

Curt – While Anna Marie happily retired from the Christmas Decor London end of the business, Curt is still working hard at the helm of CLC Tree Services. He is often the man you see when you need an estimate, plus he makes a great member of the grounds crew. While Curt leaves climbing to the younger crew, he wields a mean rake and can drive any vehicle in the fleet. His status as longest employee (founder!) means that he gets the best vacation time though; he and Anna Marie enjoyed a much-deserved trip to Europe this past fall and created memories to last a lifetime.

He might be the boss, but Calvin’s been known to swing with the crew often enough

Calvin – Curt might be the longest standing employee, but Calvin rivals him for hardest working. Calvin breathes blood, sweat and tears when it comes to CLC Tree Services. He is ISA Certified #ON-1295A and earns his Certified Arborist title every day (often 7 days a week!). As Chief Operations Manager, he takes part in every aspect of the company, including working at heights, Christmas Decor London installations, estimates, hiring, and every aspect of tree service work needed. We literally couldn’t do without his enthusiasm, expertise, and energy.

Pamela – When Pam joined CLC Tree Services, she brought with her over 10 years of horticultural experience. She was a big piece in the expansion of our Plant Health Care division, and pushed tree planting and health care in a big way. Plus, when she took over managing the Christmas Decor London end of the business, a little more cheer entered a few more people’s lives.

Nicholas – Nic has been with CLC since 2013 and has been a valuable team player ever since. He brings with him great skill with machines (give the man a skid steer and watch him go!), a willingness to work with others, and a smile that wins over clients and CLC crew alike. Whether he is climbing trees, soaring in buckets, or cleaning up brush after a job, Nic is willing to do it all. We couldn’t do without him.

Christa & Joyce – This year saw some changes in the office staff at CLC Tree Services. Christine had been with the company since 2012, but moved on to other challenges. This left an opening for Christa and Joyce to step into the CLC crew and they have taken to it well thus far. If you are calling in, the first person you’ll talk to is probably one of these two hard-working women.

CLC Tree Services is only as good as the crew behind us

Newest Crew:

Charles – Chuck isn’t new, but he does come and go over the course of the year. When CLC needs him the most, he is happy to help decorate with the Christmas Decor or Plant Health Care crew, assist the grounds crew, or step in wherever else the need arises.

Dakota – Dakota is a new crew member, but his eagerness to help has been a great addition to the tree services team.

Ian – Ian is another crew member who is a great addition anywhere help is needed. You can’t beat his enthusiasm whichever team he gets placed with.

Ralph – Ralph moved to London in 2017 with plenty of horticultural experience himself. His skills were noticed right away and he quickly moved up in the Plant Health Care department. Those trees don’t plant themselves and Ralph was on hand to plant most of them in 2017!

Ryan – Ryan joined the CLC crew this year and moved rapidly from grounds crew to competent climber. He enjoyed the work so much, he has decided to get his Arborist certification himself. Come 2018, Ryan is headed to Fleming to do just that, but will return to CLC for his co-op placements and later back to work with a whole host of new skills under his harness.

2018: Step Into the Future

So as 2017 slips away, what does 2018 hold? We’re aiming for continued success in the tree services business! CLC looks forward to helping new and returning clients with their total tree care needs, whether it be doctoring, feeding, pruning, planting, or tree removal. The crew is happy to work in London, but welcomes interest further afield in Southwestern Ontario as needs arise. When crews aren’t working out in the field, there is always work to do around the shop, especially with the new barn that was acquired this past fall. It is a year full of promise and we can’t wait to jump right in.

Happy New Year!