The Science Behind Watering your Trees

Do you boil over when under pressure?

– sometimes …

Could you suck water (or anything else) up a tube 100 metres tall?

Um, isn’t that impossible? I thought you could only suck water 10m up a tube? 

Could you do it without air?

– seriously doubt it

And then could you give almost all of your hard-earned rewards away for a fraction’s worth of benefit?

doesn’t sound worth it to me …

Trees can and do, but don’t feel pressure at the task. How do they do it? We all know that trees need water to live. They need to get water from their roots to their leaves, regardless of how tall they are. And many trees are taller than 10 metres. So how do they get that water to their uppermost branches, if they are over 10 metres tall? And what they do with it once they have their precious H²o?

I could try to explain the process, but have a far better idea. Watch the video below to see it explained by Veritasium. It is way more detailed, and cooler, than I could ever hope to be. Prepare to be amazed at the science behind water and your trees.

and now you know …

Don’t forget to water your trees!

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November 20, 2014 2:54 pm