Shine a Little Light on Your Yard

Ah, what a lovely, long weekend! Despite the weather reports beforehand suggesting rain, rain, and more rain, we were pleasantly surprised with a fair amount of sunshine this past weekend in Southwestern Ontario. Hip, hip hooray for that!

That is a welcome thing for more than just CLC Tree Services and our soggy boys. The Victoria Day weekend is usually earmarked as the long-awaited date to reopen cottages far and wide. Pool companies are also hopping, running from pool to pool to help welcome the return of summer, via opening many a backyard pool. For those wanting to sleep in after cheering in summer’s unofficial beginning long into the night, the challenge is to ignore early morning risers intent on cutting the grass before the heat of the day is upon them.

That last group was out in spades this past weekend. Yes, the hum of lawn mowers and edgers fairly vibrated through the air all weekend long. Along with tending to the grass, I am pretty sure there were a few people who got into their yards and did some gardening, to celebrate the sun which has been so scarce this spring. Many a yard has been little more than a swamp or pond, but those warm rays helped to buoy the spirits regardless.

The pretty rows of impatiens, petunias and pansies that we have spied this week attest to the work that went into yards this past weekend. How many of you lovingly dug in the dirt and gently pressed gerberas and begonias into freshly turned soil? How many more of you sat back to enjoy the visual displays that you created at the end of the day, only to discover that they had faded into darkness? Just when you have the time to appreciate all the work that you have done, and now it is gone under cover of night!

Not if you have landscape lighting though! With appropriate garden illumination, you can enjoy the fruits of your labours long after the dirt has been washed out from under your fingernails. Crescent Moon Lightscaping uses premium quality, low voltage lighting fixtures to transform your property into a subtly lit portrait that will take your breath away! We even provide the option to remotely control your lighting needs and offer controlling fixtures for patios, hot tubs, seating areas, and barbeques. After toiling all day in your yard, it is nice to be able to just sit back and relax.

So if you spent the weekend gardening, only to have it fade from memory with the passage of the sun, perhaps you might be interested in some garden lighting options before the next long weekend. Summers in Canada are fleeting. Take pride in your efforts and maximize the time outside in your yard, as much as you can.

And just so you know, CLC Tree Services handles more than just trees. We do lighting too! So if you need help lighting up your yard, think about giving Crescent Moon Lightscaping (a subsidiary of CLC Tree Services) a call. Now bring back that sunshine!

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May 25, 2011 6:00 pm