Simple & Stunning Christmas Table Decor Ideas

Less than a week until Christmas. Here’s hoping the gifts are all bought and wrapped, because it’s time to finish preparations. If you are hosting Christmas dinner this year, do you have everything ready?

You haven’t ordered the turkey? The tablecloth needs ironing? You drank all the wine making another list?

Hmm, okay. Just relax. Christmas Decor London is here to help. There’s still time to finish up last-minute shopping and we’ve got you covered with Christmas table design ideas. There might be spots on the silverware, but with these easy design tips, you’ll wow your guests with your stunning Christmas table Decor.

Simple & Stunning Christmas Table Decor Ideas

For simple, yet elegant design for your Christmas table, go no further than your yard. A few design elements from nature are enough to spruce up even the simplest Christmas dinner table. So grab some Christmas greenery and get decorating!

Pinecones make for simple place setting cards

Items to Use:

  • pinecones
  • pine needles
  • cedar branches
  • dogwood branches
  • holly berries & branches
  • juniper berries & branches
  • birch bark & branches
  • eucalyptus
  • boxwood branches
  • ivy
  • rosemary
  • magnolia leaves
  • bare twigs, branches & logs

Simplicity at its finest with a natural evergreen runner & wood cut chargers

Christmas Table Decor Ideas:

  • Place setting markersuse pinecones to hold a simple card with your guest’s name
  • Plate adornmenta sprig of rosemary, a few magnolia leaves, or some strands of ivy adds a festive touch to plates
  • Chargerwood cuts make for rustic chargers for your holiday plates
  • Napkin holdertuck a boxwood or juniper branch beside your napkin and tie it with twine for a simple design
  • Add Christmas touches to the rafters with evergreen boughs added to your chandelier

    Candle decoration – place holly branches with berries around the base of your candles
  • Candle holderbranches can be drilled out or left as a slab to hold candles
  • Vase filler – instead of flowers, place dogwood and evergreen branches in a vase
  • Table Runneruse an assortment of evergreens to create a beautiful natural runner for your Christmas table decor
  • Chandelierdrape spruce boughs through your chandelier to brighten the Christmas cheer in your room

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to create stunning Christmas table decor. All you need is some imagination and a little Christmas greenery. From the plates to the ceiling, you can make your whole dining room dazzle. The only other thing needed is your guest’s Christmas cheer to make this a Christmas to remember.

Merry Christmas!

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December 20, 2016 1:00 pm