Snow and Ice Removal with CLC Tree Services

This time of year can often be quiet for CLC Tree Services. We send out crews to take down Christmas Decor London installations, work on projects around the shop, maintain equipment, and perform any tree service work that comes in. Despite the fact that winter tree services can be done in the winter, and there are many reasons to perform them then, most home owners prefer to leave tree work til the spring.

What we do get calls about this time of year though has nothing to do with trees. When Old Man winter howls through London, Ontario and leaves behind a dumping of snow, we get calls for ice removal. Ice removal, you might wonder? Yes, and for good reason.

Picture captured by Morris Lamont of London Free Press on Jan 5th, 2018

Why Hire CLC Tree Services for Snow & Ice Removal

Icicles form when snow lands on your roof and melts, then refreezes. It is often because of a warm attic (insufficient insulation), but can happen anytime there is a freeze, then thaw. And that is exactly what London is facing this week.

After the better part of a month of freezing temperatures, London’s weather forecast is calling for warmer temperatures this week. While many might be happy to see all that snow melt, the problem is the rate that it melts and the insecurity of it in the process. As temperatures rise, the heavy snow and ice buildup on area roofs becomes unstable. The danger lies in when the snow and icicles fall. Any unsuspecting people or objects which might be underneath it are at risk.

CLC Tree Services is well aware of that risk, so decided to offer their services to those in need. Why turn to a tree services company for snow and ice removal?

  • CLC Tree Services is fully licensed and insured, including carrying WSIB coverage
  • Our crew has Working at Heights training
  • We have the equipment (bucket trucks) and knowledge to tackle snow and ice removal jobs, including proper winter safety protocols
  • CLC Tree Services is celebrating 30 years in business this year, has won several awards for integrity in services, and has many recommendations from satisfied clients over the many years we have been in business

Not only did the London Free Press catch Calvin at work this week on Richmond Row, but Calvin also stopped long enough to talk with Newstalk 1290 to discuss the dangers of snow and ice buildup and removal. If you are still concerned, watch our crew in action tackling an ice removal job this winter.

You don’t want to be underneath anything like that when it comes down. Be safe this winter and contact CLC Tree Services if your home or business is in need of snow or ice removal.

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January 9, 2018 1:58 pm