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While Londoners might not be impressed with all the rain we’re receiving this week (upwards of 100 mm!), there is a bright spot in all this precipitation. I have to believe that it is finally a true harbinger of spring! It is time to get outside and enjoy nature and outdoor life once again.

That also means that it is time to start maintaining your outside world again. I am talking about gardening and tree maintenance here folks. You might know that it is a good idea to clean up any broken branches and cut down any perennials that were left standing for winter interest, but did you also know that you should take a closer look at your trees and add them to your spring maintenance schedule? Trees might be hardy, but a little TLC goes a long way in maintaining the overall health and longevity of them. Here are a few things you should consider;

Tackle spring tree TLC before the leaves unfurl

Spring Tree TLC from CLC

    • Clean up any broken branches, twigs, dead leaves or rotten fruit from underneath trees
        • they can harbor fungal disease, which can spread to your tree if left in place
    • Remove any lingering Christmas lights or decor
        • leaving lights on a tree can girdle its growth
    • Remove any other wrappings that were applied to protect your tree from the harsh winter elements
        • burlap and other protective covers are great for winter protection, but hinder tree growth and air flow
    • Inspect trees for any sign of broken or damaged branches from winter weather and prune accordingly
        • if left, this damage leaves tree susceptible to disease or insect infestation
    • Prune any branches that obstruct proper air flow for the tree
        • it is easier to do before leaves unfurl and improves overall health of tree
    • Inspect trunk of trees for any damage from animals like voles, deer or rabbits
        • to prevent any further damage and allow tree to heal you might want to wrap your trunk in a fine mesh to prevent further damage
    • Add mulch around the base of trees to help retain moisture
        • this also helps to warm up soil temperature, keep down weeds and reduce competition for water from surrounding grass
    • Begin watering trees, as necessary
        • while April showers and snow thaw provide lots of moisture, Spring is a time of tremendous growth for trees, so when moisture is lean, make sure you water accordingly
    • Schedule your tree for a deep root fertilization
        • urban settings do not always provide sufficient nutrients for a tree’s needs and they may need supplementing

Remember that CLC Tree Services is available to assist you with any of your tree care needs. Contact us at (519) 685-0257 with any questions or concerns that you might have. We are available to help!

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Your content quality is very excellent. I like your blog content about tree services. A good idea to clean up any broken branches and cut down any perennials.


Just some of the basic things any homeowner should take care in the Spring. Besides, its a great excuse to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather 🙂

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Robert Apolinar

Thank you for your article. I have been searching for all the info I can find about gardening and tree maintenance. Thanks again for all the info!

Danny Fasel

Great information, very clear and concise! I read it through twice to try sand absorb as much as I could for future reference.

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