Spring Visions

The days are getting longer and March will be here in just over a week. As much as London, Ontario is in the grips of yet another Extreme Cold Warning (our 6th)…

Actually, I think that we have been under a cold weather alert for all of February. Am I right? Maybe not, but it’ll feel like in the -30C range this evening and into tomorrow, so who’s going to quibble with me.

So I think it’s fair to say that we need to warm our spirits somehow. Chip the ice crystals from your eyes and get a gander at these hot numbers;

Spring Visions 

maple syrup tap

Mmm mmm maple. Can’t wait to taste this year’s sap


Sweet magnolias! Let me smell those blossoms!

redbud in spring

Really redbud, what a blush…

One of the first spring bloomers; forsythia

Fair forsythia, when will you bloom again?

crab apple blooms in spring

With those delicate flowers, how can anyone call you a crab?

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February 19, 2015 3:23 pm